Monday, April 22, 2013


Remembering how I love these beautiful BC mountains,  such blue skies and the ever green sparkle and freshness of new growth on the alders and maples is just stupendous.  Walking in Seal Bay Nature Park, flowing with ferns and spring flowers is so peaceful as I approach a  wood carved bench for a wee rest, I look up and up to the tips of the tall, thin trees that reach up to the sky...........ahhh what a great day.  It is good to be back!!!!

Life is good and full with chores that get us closer to be organized once in again.  The RV fared the winter extremely well and Claes has but a few things to tinker with.  We bought a car so he has been playing with that too.  Replaced the "Serpentine" belt today. Out there in the sunshine he did come in once and comment on how his fingers were a tad cold.  LOL.  I spent most of the day "nesting"...that is what he called it. LOL  With a few pictures up and cupboards sorted out the place is beginning to feel like home.  Lunch are hearty with home made soup to keep the chill off.  We are slowly getting climatized and are really appreciating the blue skies and sunshine.  Thank YOU GOD!

Hope that this little Post finds you all well.................wanting to wish our Grandson Angus a Happy Birthday today............hopefully get to see you soon.

Good nite and sweet dreams.

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