Tuesday, April 9, 2013


On the corner of Calle 48 and Calle Uruguay, downtown Panama City here we are awaiting our flight returning us to Canada tomorrow. Certainly are looking forward to seeing some of our GrandKids,  daughter Tanya, sister Annette and friends, Judy, Jane and Kye Bay and Mr. Joey!!!!!!  Dont really care what the weather is just anxious to touch BC soil!!!It has been a stupendous six months and our time aboard The White Shell II has again been a great time of adventure..........tan is coming along nicely bodies are feeling pretty fine! Here in the Big City Of Panama we are up on the 22nd floor of the Tower One Building........       in a Pent House suite run by a former cruiser....offering a very comfortable and reasonable stop over.........home style living with our own bedroom suite with full on suite and incredible view of the city.........cant wait till dark to see the lights!!!   Took a few pictures so you can see a wee bit of the day view.  

Had a little walk to an excellent Steak House..............living large we are!!!!!
  Must of been in the shower for at least half an hour!!!!!!!   Ohhh do love it..............will be at Kye Bay tomorrow nite for a few sleeps and then on to our spring adventure.

  So, if you are going to be at the airport here is a shot of The Captains new hat  and the red Canadian Sash that we have tied around one of our bags...........this year is the last time we will be sporting so  many pieces of luggage!   Yeap,  two back packs next year and that is it........life continues to get more simple every day..............head a difficult time say adios to our beloved sailboat but know that we have done all we can and Chey and Susan at Tobago Island Moorings will be gentle with her for the next six months.  The Lord willing she will fair well without us as  we begin our next adventure:  SPRING FORWARD IN A HURRICANE named Thor...........the RV of course!  


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  1. Jane Walters, NanaimoApril 10, 2013 at 8:05 AM

    So awesome Lue!!! I just looked up an RV Hurricane too and it'll be fabulous!!!! I'm pretty sure we can't make it up to Comox this w/end to see you as the family is so booked up already. Please keep us updated as to where you are and hopefully we can find you another w/end.
    Love Jane, Murray,Jacqueline and Allison