Thursday, April 4, 2013


Sails, safety rings and all that goes with sailing is being cleaned and stowed away for the following season  - November and onward into the year of 2014  --the past week has been filled with list which is nearly at its end and so is our time aboard The White Shell II.  We are moored back at Isla Contadora with a plan to motor toward Panama City then taking a left turn to Taboga Island where we will finalize the stowing and leave her in the the capable hands of Chue and Susan at Taboga Island Moorings for the summer months.   The galley is nearly empty and the menus are  utilizing what we have.......hmmm some interesting dishes have been produces. LOL  The Captain says all is well and continue to work his plan.  We have intermittent internet so may not be in sfor the next week.   Check us out in Comox at Kye Bay Resort,  April 10th and then our cell phone  250-650-5914..........See you soon.

Lue and Claes   soaking up our last bit of rays

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  1. Jane Walters, NanaimoApril 5, 2013 at 8:15 AM

    Fabulous photos of 2 wonderful people! Thank you for your time making the blog all these months. I've REALLY enjoyed it and learned a lot!!! Please blog when you're established in Comox, at a time that we may be able to come up and see you.
    Love Jane, Murray, Jacqueline & Allison :)