Thursday, May 16, 2013


Ahhh!!!! settled and enjoying our lovely little spot of paradise
here at Wimbledon Road, Campbell River.........north Vancouver Island.  Our wee little home is truly comfortable and affords us all we need:  privacy of a garden like yard, rural in flavor yet not too far from all the amenities of either cities north and try to organize my days with minimal traveling to the municipalities.  So, calm and relaxing listening to the birds sing--robins, woodpeckers, eagles and even a dove that is driving us all to distraction.  LOL .  We are very content and so pleased to be part of this little community...............our new Faith Family at LIVING WATER FELLOWSHIP  is amazing and has welcomed us in making us feel like we have been here for ever. 

Claes is working with a local logging company and pleased that though he is probably the oldest fella there he is setting the pace and pleased to fill his cruising account.   He lives in camp for ten days and is home for four............wishing he could be home more and is looking forward to the possibility of fire season to get some time off.  Not to wish any harm to the forests but the truth of the matter is that if the temperatures continue to rise the forests will continue to become so dry and fires will result.

So the month of May has seen us settle in: putting in lines: hydro, septic and the list goes on.   Claes is so great as he can do all of this stuff.   With him away I have been challenged to put my mind to task and get more mechanical.   For a girl who would prefer to tap away on the computer and or has been a stretch  but all and all it is looking just fine.  The garden area begins with lots of grass and visions of what will be!   Great work for the upper body and certainly beats belonging to a gym.  

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