Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Thoughts begin to lend themselves to boat lists for Season Number Five .......
when The White Shell II is to sail onward and further along the southern coast of Central America.  The Lord willing the next three months will be filled satisfied with  more visits;  family and friends  complete with lots of fun and food and fine conversation supplying memories we can pack along in two new NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC  back pack/ suitcases I purchased from Bentley's Bags the other.   Got a great price as well as the second bag for half price.   Gotta love it..and they have wheels and are compliant for carry on.  

Stay tuned as I work  pictures - stories -s updates to The BLOG.   Truly do apologize for the lack there of the last few months.  Actually got an IPHONE for my birthday in June and just have not spent much time on the lap top.   Promises to you that I will get back to you all through the Blog........... LOL   Until later..........Lue

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