Thursday, October 17, 2013


To do list, list of parts to arrive, list of paperwork to prepare, list of folks to see........good thing we are organized!   Claes got home tonight and our weekend will be filled with final touches on many of those lists. 

The weather has been incredible and is a blessing as we go through the paces of leaving yet one more season.   Wow!   This will be our fifth.   Incredible to say the least.   Must admit I am at peace and beginning to get a tad excited.  I am sure Claes is anxious as he has worked hared all summer.  Now Joey on the other hand is making his transition over to the BIG house with Doris and Brian.  Must be the nice warm fire they have burning over there and the beautiful big windows for the sunshine to fall through.   What a guy.  He will have a very comfortable winter this 2013. 

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