Thursday, November 21, 2013





Our flight to Panama City was great…………so amazing to be able to cover all those miles so quickly.   Thanks to friends Doris and Brian we arrived at the Comox airport in a timely fashion to a surprise send off by sister Annette  and daughter Tanya.   With baggage in tow off we went to find on arrival in Vancouver that our luggage would have to be rechecked in the  big city of LA.   This made for a rather harried switch of aircraft but having done this a few times now we maneuvered the tarmac like we knew what we were doing. LOL.   Our seating for the most part was perfect- the movies was great and the fare passable.  So beautiful up there, hey what with all the lights of the huge cities below…………love it.  Even managed to sleep and landed bright eyed in Panama City  with the  time flying right by to  8:00AM  Eastern Standard time……………… our taxi driver Roger met us and delivered us to the Panama Connection B &B to a coffee, shower and attempt of a nap.    Later in the afternoon I buddied with a few folks to the Rey Supper Market to do some light provisioning- just  to get us started.
Early Saturday we ferried over to Taboga Isla to our beloved White Shell……..who was peacefully pulling on her moorings swaying back and forth in the morning swell………..being only 7 miles west of the city with much harbour and canal traffic the water action is constant.  The next five days saw us cleaning- lots of mold with six months of tropical rain and humidity and putting our floating  Casa back into ease and peace of home.

 Claes very capably tackled the very important tasks of getting the Yanmar happy and she grunted a hello to him and turned right over…………one after another what he turned his hand too with me whispering a prayer to Holy Spirit to breath into each and every component………..White Shell came alive.   Putting on  the sails was exhilarating and even though it was so incredibly hot we unwrapped, unfurled and set the three sheets to the wind.

Keep in mind that most days around 4ish the clouds pre-empted by  a thunder and or lightning storm would darken and cover us with from ten to 20 minutes of tropical rain.   It was a great way to keep everything clean and  we languished in the refreshing experience of dancing in the rain!!!!!  Incredible feeling that and a memory that will go down as one of the best so far!!!!  Really does not take much to make us smile here.   It is a challenge for me this humidity.   But hey I understand it beats the snow storm you all back home are getting ready for. So no more said for today.

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