Saturday, December 21, 2013


Both very pleased to be away- departed Panama City December 19-13 laughing all the way!  With bells hanging on the interior mast pole, baskets full of fresh fruit and vegies....the freezer bursting with ham and other meats we set out towards familiar ground- The Archipelago de las Perlas- The Pearl Islands mooring at Contadora, in front of the Restaurante Romantica. 

On route we caught a lovely Dorado fish which had a mind of its own. LOL
Claes had caught three Bonito Mackerals which we do not find to our liking so when the fourth hit struck his line ( which just kinda hangs off the side of the boat........with the hook floating near the surface)    he was excited when he realize this one felt different.  And different it was- a lovely Dorado our most favourite fish.   Getting him in the boat was quickly done and into the tote he went-licking all the way-  with the hook out of his mouth he- the fish was very intent on returning to the sea!  Not want to lose this fine specimen I attempted to corrale him in a corner with the tote.   With the fish in the tote, the tote on the wheel house floor- Claes proceeded to bring him to his demise............out of the tote and onto our brand new flooring-  with blood spattered every where we finally both sat down and the wild crazy Dorado was at peace!   Such excitement.........

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