Saturday, December 21, 2013


Incredible change in weather as we have left the harbour of the city of Panama; beautiful blue skies full of sun for our solar panels, calm sea for water making. As we motor to our location for the Christmas Celebration to the beaches of Espiritu Santo , one of our favourite islands of the Archipelago de las Perlas. We have seen whale Sharks --- Google it and see how docile they are-- two of them were so close to the boat we could see their spots.  Then we caught a Dorado that was intent on not staying aboard!   Between the two of us and a tote we managed to slay and conquer making a very tasty supper or two plus left overs for fish tacos. Hmmm. So good!

Food , yes we have provisioned at the Farmers Market El Mercado de Abastos before we left and our stores are over flowing.  The challenge is to tote it all aboard, clean--with eyes open wide for bugs stow away in such a manner that it will last long enough to be eaten.

Looking forward to sharing our Christmas Spirit with our Cruiser friends.  A pot luck on the beach is definitely in order and will be complete with mostly Spanish/Central American fare!  There are a few family boats and folks of all  ages so the sense of familia will prevail. Love it and will upload pictures to share with you- when I can.

Got to go wrap a few presents.

Felix Navidad!

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  1. Fair winds and a Joyous Christmas Lue and Claes! Always hoping our paths will cross yet again - in some ways this is such a big Island - perhaps next summer! We will follow your adventures yet again with appreciation and great interest. Glad to read that our furry friend Joey is still doing well and settled for the season. Carol and Kelly