Saturday, January 4, 2014


Arriving in the Gulf of St Miguel on the 29th of December along with five other boats we anchored - after sunset but with the help of those who had arrived earlier all was well.  The night was rolly with quite a swell and adding to that excitement we slept little.
In the morning 8 ish we prepared to go across the mud flats and up into the Sambu River needing only a four foot draft this was very doable for us even though the water depth went as low as  6 feet at one point.  The boat Li'l Explorers a 55 foot catamaran headed  the rally as they had been here a few months prior. Lowly we made our way across all in a single line making quite an impressive show for  sure .  By 11 am we were motoring up the seven mile - winding  through a lot of debris and riding the tide in it was very beautiful.
Arriving at the village La Chunga we anchored anchored in 22 feet of water and settled in to experience a few days of Darien culture and brought in the New Year 2014!!!!

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  1. What a great way to see in a New Year
    Have a terrific 2014
    Cheers Charles