Thursday, February 6, 2014

OUR FIRST DAY in Ecuador

Posted about our arrival in Ecuador this morning!   Bahia de Caraquez is bigger than we expected.   The people of course make the plaace.   Just had a visit from the Health OFFICIALS.   Asking what we had brought with us regarding fruit food etc.   Medicine?   and how we deal with our garbage.   All great questions.  Cost $5.00   and some cookies.  Gave the gentleman a tour of the boat and he was all pleased.  Tonight we go sign our immigration papers- a student is here after college at the marina to speak English with the paper work and the cabbie will take it to the officials in the next town.  So easy.  No running around for us.  Gotta love it.
We are pretty tired tonight as it was a full five days 24/7  so we will chat again and post some pictures when we get the internet tomorrow.   (I hope)  

The weather is rather nice.  It got pretty warm by early afternoon and now it is somewhat cloudy but with a nice it will be more than nice to sleep tonight.  I dropped the laundry off so I wont have that to do tomorrow.  Gotta regroup in the boat as most everything had to be stowed away for travelling.   Got some foccacia bread rising and will just lay back and watch the sunset one more time.  LOL

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