Thursday, February 6, 2014

SET SAIL AT 06:00 Hours FEBRUARY 1ST 2014

Leaving the Perlas Islands and making our way out of Panama felt good.  Exciting actually and as we took our places in the wheel house we both wore huge big grins.  The day did not bring us much wind so we slowly made our way out of the Gulf of Panama.  We did sail  for the first three days- slowly at times but rather comfortable.  No motor to listen to.  LOL

February 6-2014    We have just arrived here in Excudor at Bahia De Caraquez after travelling for the last six days.  Was such a beautiful night last night......moonshine, calm sea and a gentle south wind...........not what we needed but accepted it anyways.   We motor the last day and are pleased that we have arrived.

Pedro, from Puerta Amisatad has guided us in over the sand bar and has now gone off with our paperwork to check us into the country.   We will chat again soon...just wanting to let you know we have safely arrived.
The sun is shining through a cloudy sky and we are pretty an easy day.

Lue and Claes

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