Monday, March 31, 2014

Ecuadorean Temperature And Brisk Winds

Putting the mooring grounds to the test today 15 knots of wind through the collection of boats let's us see how WhiteShell will fare while we are gone to Canada for the next six months.  The pace of packing has been slow and steady putting us ahead of our deadline with  time for leisure as well ... The best way to do it right?  Everything is so nice and clean lol.  We took tons of pictures yesterday with the vision of an album dedicated to our floating home,
  Nearly ten years of enjoyment she has given us and in return we have made her  rather pretty and very efficient on the seas.  Her foot print on the environment is very limited but her impression on our hearts is huge!!!! At the start of all of this a wise man said to me:  first you must trust God, then Your Captain then your vessell then yourself!   I have found that to be true and find  myself the only part of that list to be lacking. Not  to say this in a negative sense but truthfully achknowledge I still have lots to learn !!!! Makes it interesting that way lol

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