Friday, March 28, 2014

Sailors' Sweet Sorrow

With only a week before we return to our Canadian "land" home our list of chores is short.  The Captain diligently worked away at the labour that now after five seasons has become familiar. We both agree that though a lot of work to put The WhiteShell to bed every six months and then revive her again upon our return this exercise serves as as system to check and recheck all her working parts.   ( it is what is called for at this time of our life and keeps us young -- well busy anyways) lol

Our choice of Moorage this spring has been good in many ways; Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador affords us the safety of a quite bay with 24 hour security and  calm South American dry season.  From what "The Fellas"Ariosto's;  a young man who will oversee the boat and Carlos who will keep her clean the biggest concern will be dust.  Soon the rains will end .. It has been raining every other night ... A nice refreshing rain that keeps everything clean.. no driving wind so it is easily managed.  The temperature can get quite hot mid day with 12 hours of sun each day being at the equator gives us that constant and it is pretty comfortable at night....not as humid as the temp in Central America.... Thank You God for that.

Come on- let's check The Captains Page to see what has to say?

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