Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Morning Sun Bare Feet and A Sence of Peace

 Mid July and we are realizing being back home for two and half months! Mornings like this our front deck offers us quite coffee time listening to the birds chirp their greetings and far in the  distance we can hear  traffic noises to remind us that yes though in the rural area of Oyster River city life is but ten minutes away.  Perfectly perfect!
The last few months have been full with Claes going back to work  rather quickly and I digging in the yard/garden both of us have settled in nicely.  Thinking we were comfy for the season we were beginning to enjoy a more relaxed pace... then we traded the RV in last week and now have lovely 2009 Montana Fifth Wheel made by Keystone Mfg.  With three more feet of length and four slides high ceilings we have a sence of areal house!  Loving it loving it!  Probably will build a more protective roof over it and add on to the decking outside.  
Spring was lovely and June brought in summer and now in July it is very hot!   Up to 40*'in some locations so of course too hot for work in the forest so Claes is home .  Yeah!  Now we can play a little!  

We have had a few visitorss well as two of my fellow rv'er sisters joined us for my birthday  in June and Angie arrives this weekend for her annual time with us.  Hoping to return with her to Vancouver and then continue on  the circle tour of BC Ferries on to Port Melon to see Ryan and  family and then Powell River to visit Crista and her crew and then Savary.  It will be nice to sift the sand with our toes  again.

Life is very good on the west coast of British Columbia and though we love it we think of our beloved sail boat WhiteShell  II in Ecuador and look forward to November when we return to her.

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