March 28-14. Sad to say The First Mate has not been very current with The Blog this season... She will be the first to apologize..... Something about not enough TIME consistent internet ..oh well she is one heck of good Mate... Cooking, cleaning, all around partner here on board.  She never did get seasick! Lol. Guess I'll keep her around.

As for me: well all my tools and toys are cleaned , sorted, oiled and put away. With the plan of being here for as long as we can The WhiteShell will be at rest for at least a year so  the motor and all things connected must be left with anti rust anti cease in mind.  Yes, lots of work but part of the game... Right?
 You know we put on a little over two hundred hours on the motor multiply that by 5 nautical miles -we did alright plus of course the fact that we enjoyed a lot of wind/@sailing miles this season- one of the best so far.  Nothing major broke and no one died!!!! Lol ( little on board joke!).  Another continent including crossing The Equator was quite exciting.

Now I begin my list of things to bring back next season and look forward to a Canadian summer ... and some  Canadian beer. Lol Seriously though anxious to see you all and find me some work so I/we can do this all over again in the fall. See ya around!

DECEMBER 2013  a month into our fifth season and we are well on schedule.  Getting her back operational seems to be getting easier each year. Do it enough times you finally get the hang of it. hey?   One week and we were away Taboga Isla where she fared the summer months of rainy Panama seasons pretty well.   The First Mate was disappointed that after leaving everything so nice and clean we still came back to mold. 

Needless to say, some elbow grease and a few days and here we are at anchor in the Gulf of Panama.  Last week we got our bottom painted at The Balboa Boat Yard - all went very very well with great professional service, the freedom sleep aboard --excellent costs and great job.  Thanks to you, Nelson and your crew.   Quiet an experience being pulled up on the rail.......the fellas were great and offered us quite a show all in good Panamanian style!   Now we are waiting for the mechanic to come do our 1000 hour motor check....should be next week.   I have begun the BIG project of cleaning out the fuel tanks. Armed with steel plates for the inspection covers the cleaning starts tomorrow.  Hopefully the photographer will get her pictures downloaded to document all of this............believe me it is a bigger job then we had hopped.   Hey, maybe we will just sell The Boat and buy a water front lot in Arizona......what da ya think fellas?

MARCH  28.2013  and all is well on  board!  Great cup of coffee, making water and listening to the morning NET on the Single Side Ban radio.  Alot of vessels off across the big pond towards the Galapagos and beyond.  Hmmm.   could be slow as the wind seems to be depleting........some say 7 some say 10 days.  In any case a lovely ride to sure as one rides the current and finds the best line of wind......some day maybe.  My First Mate is still in training but her eyes seem to wonder in that direction on The World Map we have in the galley.  First things first we both say:  next season is Ecuador and South America and some work on the ""bottom".

In the meantime to the moment and the present:  touched up the wood work on the exterior yesterday and will begin tidying up my things.  We are enjoying some relaxing time in the Perlas Islands as we putter away at our chores.  The process seems to be getting easier as it should hey?  Fourth season under our belt now........hmm the belt is getting smaller as I have gotten rather healthy this last few months.  Feeling pretty good for 63!  The grandsons in PR say I have a 6 pack and that aint beer!  So I am told. LOL  Anyways,  anxious to see you all and look forward to getting together in the next few months.  Clear your calendars and pencil me in.


Getting ready to end our fourth season of sailing.  Thoughts of chores to put the White Shell to bed for the summer.......First Mate found this great transition place, here in Panama City Check it out

February has come and gone and has  left me another year older!  Not sure how that all happened.  Seems like just the other day I was pleased with myself having made "30"!  You know what they say:  if I would have known.... I would have taken better care of myself. LOL

  Well on that note I send out a BIG thank you to  my Costa Rician friend Heraldo, his son Danielle who is an internal medicine specialist and my adopted son Gerald. Between these fellas and the countries amazing medical system we come up with the reality that my body is not processing my B12- due likely to a surgery of my stomach some forty years ago...........My First Mate has been attending to that with B12 can guess where!   Having done all that and tweaking up the intake of all the foods I like I have managed to change my cravings for junk food and the like.  LOL  She even had me drinking one or two cerveces a day.  All in all I feel great: am at the monthly B12 shot stage and have lost my belly fat...........looking svelt and feeling pretty frisky. 

The White Shell is doing well.  Got the diesel issue pretty much cleaned out and will be doing a major cleaning in the next few weeks.  You know, getting up and under, cleaning the bottom and will continue to enjoy the many islands that make up the Perlas Islands here just a day away from the big city.  Time to sit back and relax a little before we begin to think of preparing for our summer mooring at Tobaba Island.  Looks like we are booked to return to BC April until then I will get back to some serious sailing and sun catching.  Take care all...........and thanks for all the Birthday wishes.


SAILORS SPILL ALL!    Thought that heading might get your attention.  LOL Spill in this moment will be used as a word meaning- telling all!

What is it really like out here?   Is it hours of walking on beautiful white sandy beaches that go on forever, like in the little Bay we are approaching as I write?   Bahia Drake, where in 1579 Sir Francis Drake landed or so they say.  The story goes that he attached and stripped a boat name Nuestra Senorade la Concepcion in Esmeraldas, Ecuador before reaching Isla del Cano—which is located just to the right of us here in the bay.  This was a 120 ton vessel with a most interesting cargo which Drake had heard about while in Lima, Peru.  He set about tracking the ship and disguised his ship as a slow merchant vessel... surprised the heck out of them and the rest is history.  The battle was short lived and he got away with about $140 million in today’s dollars-- in treasure. 

Not likely going to fine any treasure here other than fantastic hiking in the Osa Peninsula……………The First Mate and I were here by land in 1998 and stayed in a fantastic  rustic resort…………….incredible beach incredibly cold beer and adventuresome  hiking.   Ahhh.    Let’s see what our visit today will bring?

We are a few days away from Golfito, where we will hang out for a few days then make our exit from Costa Rica and head to Panama…………… by next weekend we should be pretty close to the  BIG CITY  where they say you can buy anything you like.   LOL Better get the  Little Ladies Visa card before we anchor.

Back to the question:  heck to I remember the question?   Not always sure what day it is but I do know that we are having quite a time out here.  As you know not all days are perfect but nearly!!!! LOL   My diesel is still dirty but the set up I devised is working well till we get to Panama City where we hope to find someone to either clean the tank out or take it out and replace it with a new one. My First Mate keeps talking about it being a perfect time to redo the Galley…………..hmmm? Not sure about that.  The Islands of Panama beckon me and time is going by quickly….that might have to keep for another time.

  We continue doing more motoring then sailing…… who would have thought?   Some days it seems like a good idea to just turn the key.  Lots of work having a sail boat……………..back to reality.  It is not always just sitting back and letting the palm trees slowly go by.  Always something to fix or tighten or clean.  Yesterday, mended the Mizzen sail , that is the sail located forward of the rudder post and behind the cockpit, where the wheel is.   Been meaning to get at that for a while so took out the sewing kit and did the deed. (thanking brother Per for some of the tools and thread he left me………wish you were here BIG BRO!!)

Other than the dirty diesel issue all is well on board!  (The First Mate had a little melt down the other day;  seems like she has a difficult time getting unattached to folks.  It was right after we departed Puntarans,  quite which is unusual for her and very emotional………like ya know crying!)  Course I don’t dare say anything, right fellas.  Dear Lord, help me!  Until she is ready to spill………………….anyways we got it all figured out. Not sure what exactly did it but seems like when I offered her the option of a ticket back to Canada she perked right up………..don’t want to be missing out on anything  that girl.  She is a good girl!

   Oh, well like I keep saying…………everyone has to be somewhere doing something…….might as well be me/us and might as well be here.  It is certainly warm enough!  Yeah, I know you don’t want to hear about it. So on that note I will sign off and catch you on the flip side!


Forget about it then…………….here‘s one for you and will chat again soon.  THE CAPTAIN

JANUARY  04-2013  Ended the old year with getting rid of the "gunk"in my body and hopefully the gunk in the fuel tank will be taken care of today.  Having a difficult time locating filters for the YANMAR.............supposedly Monday morning they will be in my hot little hands.  The joys of cruising..............there are many and glad of it as it makes up for the frustration on not having all the outlets and services that we become so used to "BACK HOME".  My First Mate has spent the morning sourcing out information, telephone numbers and contacts...............also would be great to know what exactly has caused this problem with the fuel.   The only logical answer is bad fuel in EL SALVADOR or perhaps the fact that we left the boat stationary for over 8 months in a tropical country..............with conditioner mind you.............but still we have found much much gunk in the tank and continue to clean clean clean.

DECEMBER 22, 2012  wow  just  got back to the living!  Was sick for a few days-just knocked me right out.   Come to the conclusion that the milk served with a coffee I had the other day caused the same reaction with my system that I experienced in '84 at an ice cream parlor.  Me and the bano are friends now!  Lue was a good little nurse and the soup she made last night tasted pretty good.  Today, I am waiting for the Mechanico to arrive to clean out the diesel tank.  Hopefully we can get this cleaned up soon.
Still not sure how it all transpired but dirty diesel and new Yanmar do not like each other. So until I can get the gunk out of the tank its pretty quiet around here.
 Have a good Christmas with your families and we'll see you in 2013!

December 05-12

Had a great sleep last night after a few days of passages and fuel challenges.  Ready to begin another day!  Even though I left the diesel with the required addititives still finding some "muck" coming through.  Fuel filters are not lasting very long!!!!  Have checked all lines and come to the conclusion that the diesel must get "polished"and of course this is not a service readily available on each street corner or dock.  LOL  So have devised a system to do it our selves.  Will keep you posted as to the outcome.  Claes

One day shy of three weeks since we arrived back to White Shell II and all is ready! I'm  pleased that all is well and spoke with the Port Authorities to release us tomorrow. We have been busy and now are looking forward to re-crossing the bar setting us free to sail once again.
The weather is forcasted to a nice opening of 10-15 knots of wind with a one foot sea, so we should be enjoying a nice sail southward toward Nicaragua.
Had a nice supper tonight with S/V Saucy Lady and Tarazade on board. Good Chilian wine and or cold mango julip to sip and El Salvadorian BBQ chicken with a variety of salades and fancy chocolate cookies were on the menu. Books exchanged, stories told and much laughter to send us off..........ahh good friends are treasured!

See You out There!!!

Remember no internet for a few days but The First Mate and I will check in as soon as we can. Our sailor friends can hear us on SSB Pan Pacific Net. Channel 8143

Good nite all.


NOVEMBER  15th   a week has gone by since we left the cold and wind of the BC Coast to land in El Salvador to temps of 80-90 degrees.  Must admit I have been working up a sweat  getting things pulled together here.  Today I am pleased to say we are- The White Shell -is sitting as she was when we left her in April.  Never a dull moment that is for sure.

Refrigeration, water making, fans, Yanmars.................all needing some tender love and care.  Amazing how the climate  and the fact that it all sits for six months not moving just  dries up alot of the pumps, and small motors on things. Yah think you have left it in good shape and come back to working on it anyway.  Oh well...............  Working on the thermostat for the fridge right now.  Today  took apart the water maker pump and cleaned it all up and  was making water by noon.  Gotta keep my First Mate happy.  She went to the BIG city to provision and served up a nice supper tonight.  Life is good and the beer is cold.

The list is still in the process of being tended to and we hope to leave the estuary by the end of November sticking our nose  out into the Pacific once more.  Really looking forward to it.....................see you out there!!!

October, a time of thanksgiving and harvest. Been playing with some hydro poles, big equipment and from this elevation can see all of "Creation."  The weather continues to get colder and the threat of snow up in  them there mountains becomes more real every morning.  Soon I will have to  try out the new set of long "Johns" the little women bought me.   Best be making tracks back to my boat.

Will share a few photos with  you so you can see what I have been up to all summer.   LOL.  The Boat Account is fattened up again and we are going into one of the last weeks of work and look forward to our departure the 7th of next month.  Looking forward to putting up the"Sheets" and head further south yet.............Panama this season.   Signing out for now and see you "Out There!!"  Claes the truck driver.

September 15-2012 
The First Mate and I have bought ourselves another "mobile home".... a 1997 Thor "Hurricane" Class A motor home.  She has spent the last ten days sorting and packing it all up for me so that I can live in it while I do the work thing here in Boston Bar.  Nearly done my shift before I - we return to the boat.  This picture shows you both our worlds; land and sea at  Pacific Play Grounds, just half way between Campbell River and the Comox Valley...lovely spot. 

It has been a long summer....lots of work here at the Bay as well as on the job site.  Certainly will  be ready for a rest on my boat.   Cant wait.   Life is good and looking forward to sharing the next part of the adventure with you.   Stay clicked in and post a comment -let me know you are out there!   Questions, thoughts--all are welcome. 
Until later......oh, by the way this is a shot of assembling the new BarBEE!!!!

The Captain.

August 7.12  Watching the many boats sail by our little spot here at Kye Bay motivates me.With a BC Ferry reservation made off I go to another shift of 10 and four. Working out of Boston Bar these days and enjoying the diversity as I am faced with different jobs most days:  heavy duty mechanical to driving equipment to driving to Hope for parts and/or some physical chores-- keeping me in shape and feeling younger!!!  Gotta like it and I get benefits as well so Lue and I will be getting more dental work done this fall.  Great and getting paid too--the boat fund is growing as we speak.   Just clicking off those days now till I return with my first mate to our White Shell.  Spent a few days researching and have made my decision on the dinghy replacement and Gabreill our marine sales outlet on the estuary at will order it up for me and have it waiting when I get back in November.  Gotta like it.  Chose AL- 290 Hypalon Sport Boat  Mdl #9341439.  There goes a good chunk of change for that. LOL   Oh, well the old yellow dink, Ugly Betsey we call her as done us well and when we last saw her she was barely floating.  Served us well and the price was right on that one.  As I said the count down as begun and the list of supplies pulled out.   Soon, soon we will be sailing again. 

JUNE 01.12 The little women dropped me off at the Nanaimo    Ferry and off I went to Merritt to start a new job.  We are putting in power lines through a five year contract for West Park Inc and I am kept busy for ten days doing a mixture of jobs ie.  mechanics, driving, etc.  I will give you more details as time progresses.  The bonus is that our son Ryan is also working on site so we are sharing the odd meal and getting to know each other as adults.  Very nice very nice. 

 May 0-12 Got this from my sister-in-law Annette today.
Read it to Lue and she is still laughing!!!! If any of you can relate to any of these ages then I hope you have a good belly laugh too.  Laughing is the best medicine yet that man kind has come up with.  Humor is good for the soul they.  I mean look at Bill Cosby...........he's in his 80s' and still laughing and making folks laugh.  Try it you might like it!!!  Anyways, I am posting this today and sure hope I get a few comments from you out there to let me know that you are still there!  Yes, I am 62 and have not been to Home Depot this week........I promise.

          Man's Age, as Determined by a Trip to Home Depot

You are in the middle of some kind of project around the house: mowing the lawn, putting in a new fence, painting the living room  or whatever. You are hot and sweaty, covered in dust, lawn clippings, dirt or paint.You have your old work clothes on.
You   know the outfit -- shorts with the hole in the crotch, old T-shirt   with a stain from who-knows-what and an old pair of tennis  shoes.

Right in the middle of this great home improvement           project you realize you need to run to Home Depot to get something to  help complete the job.
Depending on your age you might do the   following:

In your 20's:
Stop what you are doing.   Shave, take a shower, blow dry your hair, brush your teeth, floss and  put on clean clothes.
Check yourself in the mirror and flex.
Add  a dab of your favorite cologne because you never know, you just might  meet some hot chick while standing in the checkout lane. And you went to school with the pretty girl running the register.

In your   30's:
Stop what you are doing, put on clean shorts and  shirt.   Change shoes.
You married the hot chick so no  need for much else.   Wash your hands and comb your   hair.
Check yourself in the mirror.   Still got  it.   Add a shot of your favorite cologne to cover the  smell.
The cute girl running the register is the kid sister to
           someone you went to school with.

In your 40's:
Stop  what you are doing. Put on a sweatshirt that is long enough to cover   the hole in the crotch of your shorts.
Put on different shoes and a  hat.   Wash your hands.
Your bottle of Brute Cologne is  almost empty so you don't want to waste any of it on a trip to Home   Depot.
Check yourself in the mirror and do more sucking in than        flexing.
The hot young thing running the register is your           daughter's age and you feel weird thinking she is spicy.

In   your 50's:
Stop what you are doing. Put on a hat; wipe the dirt  off your hands onto your shirt.
Change shoes because you don't want to get dog crap in your new sports car.
Check yourself in the  mirror and you swear not to wear that shirt anymore because it makes    you look fat.
The Cutie running the register smiles when she sees  you coming and you think you still have it.
Then you remember the  hat you have on is from Bubba's Bait & Beer Bar and it says, 'I   Got Worms

In your 60's:
Stop what you are doing. No  need for a hat anymore.
Hose the dog crap off your  shoes.   The mirror was shattered when you were in your  50's.
You hope you have underwear on so nothing hangs out the hole  in your pants.
The girl running the register may be cute, but you  don't have your glasses on so you are not sure.

In your  70's:
Stop what you are doing.   Wait to go to Home Depot until the drug store has your prescriptions ready, too.
Don't  even notice the dog crap on your shoes.
The young thing at the  register stares at you and you realize your balls are hanging out the  hole in your crotch.

In your 80's:
Stop what you are  doing.   Start again.   Then stop again.
Now  you remember you need to go to Home Depot.
Go to Wal-Mart instead  and wander around trying to think what it is you are looking  for.
Fart out loud and you think someone called out your           name.
You went to school with the old lady who greeted you at the     front door.

In your 90's & beyond:
What's a home  deep hoe?   Something for my garden?
Where am   I?   Who am I?   Why am I reading this?
Did I  send it?   Did you?   Who farted

Too Funny!!!!!!  The Captain

April 12-12 Stanfields, Steaks and Skiing with my buddy!
Life is good with spring skiiing and real Canadian beer and walking with my little buddie Joey....not to mention laughing and enjoying my grandkids.  The near  future will bring work and long hours and for now I am just easing into the cold northern temperatures and long hours of sunshine.  Gotta love it.............


  If one was to ask us what is the worst part of your sailing life the answer might be:  the packing and unpacking.  Just seem to get things clean and running well and out of storage and it's time to put it back!  Ah, gee how terrible is that?  Seriously, we have missed not sailing this year -totally enjoyed our travels and the countries we have seen though.  The plan now is to move to another mooring field..........up the estuary.  I have spent sometime adjusting and adapting a few drains, checking and repairing pumps and feel confident that all is well and that White Shell shall remain as dry as she can for the summer of 2012.  How do you like this picture of me and my new pets????

Other operations: water maker, zincs, heads, solar panels, windows all checked, used and replaced whatever was/is  needed.  Of course the week of our departure will be filled with motor chores and pickling the water maker etc.  Now, its cleaning, and stowing away.  Our new caretakers will store our electrical on land so there is no risk of losing those to lightening and whatever else we wish to store ie  sails, the dinghy etc will go into a storage bin leaving the interior of the boat free for the cleaners to clean and or air out as the rainy season starts in June.  The four fans that we installed are working extremely well, as is the fact that we painted the outer decks, all reducing the radiation of heat.  All is well!  Every year we learn new tricks, fix old things and plan for more efficients operations.  Its great fun and I would not change it for the world!!!!  Soon enough I will be off to am enjoying the last few weeks of sun and fun in EL Salvador.  See you soon!

MARCHING THROUGH MARCH!!!!  Seems like that is what we have been doing.......what with alot of road travel, bus rides and map reading we have covered  a great portion of El Salvador, Honduras and a little of Guatemala.  Just as we planned -- it has been great to mingle with the locals and taste all those different kinds of beer.  I will give you a personal review when I sit with you Canada.  Wont be long now The First Mate is checking the flight plans.  Time has gone very quickly.  Our time we spent in Copan at the Mayan Ruins were memorable!  Quite the history lesson ans so amazing to see and recognize the engineering techniques these folks had way back then..........740 AD????  Did not see any front end loaders ?

 We dont seem to be bothered so much by the humidity this season. Getting seasoned I guess.  I did notice a difference in the jungle though.......alot more humid and the bones a tad stiffer.  Heard today that the Home Land is still suffering from storms so perhaps we will not rush home so quick.  I do have a few boat chores to complete before we can leave The White Shell so the next few weeks will be busy.

My biggest concern is to relocate some  drains and eliminate the rain fall from getting in the bilge.  Cant have the motor getting wet while we are away.  All the pumps have been serviced and some fiber glassing done to redo the the bottom of the boat must be cleaned as you cant believe how quickly the growth appears.  Barnacles, the size of a jar lid!!!!!  Gotta pay for the nice temperature of the seas down here, I guess.  I will leave you and get at it!

FEBRUARY 11, 2012
Birthday time again!  Hmm.  how does one put a stop to these "things"?  Dont feel older but everyone sure wants to remind me that I am.  Oh, well, I will fool them all and just keep on being my young minded self.  Good Idea.

Now, the White Shell she is getting older,  but looking better all the time.  Just finished getting the second coat of white paint on the non-skid outer decks.  Look might pretty and sure is a heck of alot cooler, heat wise in and out.  What a good idea that was.  Got a new front hatch fabricated as well, which looks very nice made of El Salvadorian teak.  Been working on a few problems that came up last summer while we were away:  vents on the side of the aft cabin, vents for the motor sat up above the deck and let in water when the drains plugged up.........did not like that so fiber glassed them in and now will re vent.  Just little things that you don't think of when you live up "north" and or are on board all the times.  The hardest part of this whole trip is leaving the boat behind.  Been tweaking up my batteries as well.  Bought two new ones this year and find that the solar panels are doing really well.  No complaints with the water maker either; make water nearly every week and sure enjoy that not having to cart water from shore.  Have a buddy of mine S/V FireFly bringing me some new threw haul fittings so I can redirect some wires...........and all is well on board.  Set my mind to not sailing this season and look forward to some more land travel..........going off to Copan, Honduras on Tuesday.

Until then, hope you are all well and thank you again for the birthday wishes and just want you to know that I feel pretty darn good for 62~~~~~  First Mate likes what she sees so what else matters hey??? Until later, austa manjana!!!

January 20, 2012  To be a bus driver in this part of the world is a job not for the faint at heart.  The roads for the most part are not that bad and if one can manage the steep pitch and deep crevices on either side one can only wonder how they manage to stay in one piece as the speed limit seems not to be monitored.  And they do drive very fast.  Even when by passing a policia they seem to not worry or even think of slowing down.  Certainly have seen some magnificent view or vistas as they are called here.  This country of Costa Rica is amazing. 
Thank you Geraldo for the magnificent tour!!

January 5, 2012  Yes, I miss my ship but have been enjoying some incredible land time with my friend Geraldo, who is an amazing tour guide who loves his country.  As we travel he knows the best places to eat, sleep, drink the best coffee and always has a friend that can direct us or help us out.  He theory is that if you have many fiends there is no need for other words, friends come before money.   The last few days Geraldo combined some work with travel and asked us to come along with him to the north part of the country.  We travelled up past Ortinos, La Furtuna and into the Volcano area  very near the boarder of Nicaragua.  We spent the night at a very exclusive jungle hotel and listened the holler monkeys greet us.  The following day I took a hike up the volcano  with Sebastian a young local fella that was very knowledgeable having learned from his father and grandfather before about the medicinal plants and many creatures of the jungle.  (Lue decided to not come along as the trail was pretty wet and steep........after the fact I did tell her that she likely would have been able to traverse but it would have taken us it was we hiked for over four hours.)  Hope you enjoy some of the pictures.  Check out the photo galley as my First Mate continues to add them for you all to enjoy.  This time I took some pictures for all of my grandsons knowing that they like things like snakes. 

We continue to research and hope to come up with a plan for the next months of our time away.  We are both missing the White Shell so think we will return to her very soon.  Until next time..........keep your rudder out of the mud, hey???  The Captain

January 1, 2012  The best of wishes from both my First Mate and I.  We so enjoyed our time in the Turriabla  Vocan area, where Geraldos retirement home is located.
They hope to begin construction of their new home this next month which overlooks the Turriabla Valley and is in the midst of coffee plantations.  They have every type of tropical fruit and vegetable you could ask for. ( Think the First Mate is including some details on that on the FROM THE GALLEY PAGE  check it out?) Living here for the last few days in the peace and quiet of the mountains has truly been a relaxing time to reflect and look towards a brand new year!!!   My good friend Geraldo has made some calls to his many friends and contacts which has resulted in a meeting set with Marcos, his cousin who works for the Port Captains department.............set for a chat with him will report as soon as we know what we can and will be doing with The White Shell.  Must admit getting anxious to see Her again...........until then the Best of Wishes from the Stone House soon to be Wheel House.  The Captain

DECEMBER 26, 2011  There is a calm after the storm...just as there is relaxation after the festivities of Navidad here in Atenas, Costa Rica.  The last two weeks or so have found me seeing new country as we toured the east then west coast of this rich my appetite has been satisfied with the traditional local food fare for the holidays..I am truly full!!   Even have a new hat.........check it out!  Now Gerarldo and I will concentrate on a safe mooring for the White Shell as the New Year bring more travel and adventure. The First Mate promises to sit at the computer this week and do some updating for you all..........until then Merry Christmas from The Captain

December 1, 2011
It was a long summer of eating dust on that logging road, fixing flats and repairing washed out bridges but hey we made it and here we are back at the White Shell.  She did pretty good without us except for the last month- October; the locals report the most rainfall they have seen in the last 50 years.
Having done our due diligence prior to leaving in April  we left confident that  felt we did all that we could do  to keep her floating and as a dry as possible.  Santos, the young man that was looking after her and twenty other vessels here in the estuary and  provides  moor age for us all  had his hands full to be sure.  The White Shell did manage to get pretty wet; fortunate though she was she stayed afloat. After much study of the situation I surmise that the majority of the water came in through a vent for the motor that is placed rather low on the port aft.  Needless to say that will be remedied before long.


We managed to clear enough space to sleep in the wheel house and thanked God that we still had a boat to work with. And work we did for the next week, sorting and re organizing our life.  Lue thru
Slowly, we are getting everything piece by piece out of storage and back to its station and all is looking and feeling like we should be going "out there"!!!  Last night I connected the SSB and am as we speak listening to the NET.   

Got lots of thinking to do after we return from our Land trip to Costa Rica.  Which way she we go????Until then.........keep your rudder out of the mud!   THE CAPTAIN

October 13, 2011

Sent this email to a fine gentlemen who was instrumental in our preparations in 2009 to go sailing!!  He was one of the instructors at the Coast Guard course we took.  Through the emil a question was asked and I have attempted to answer.  So read on:

The Email Sent:   A quick note to let you know that Lue and I are well and flying down to El Salvador to join up with our sailboat and to continue on our adventure.
Would love to hear from you and invite you to our blog if you are interested in our adventures:
This will be our third season aboard and we are looking forward to some exciting adventures to share with all our friends.

EMAIL:  "Hi Claes and Lue:  Did I tell you I am jealous???
 I was thinking of meandering south to about Peru/Chile, then turning West to Polynesia.
Then maybe New Zealand turn North towards Japan, then turn East to Hawaii then back to Canada.
Sort of generally wandering the Pacific...what kind of documentation does one need?


That sounds absolutely fantastic. Perhaps, as it is said, we will see you "Out there".

In the mean time this is what we have found:

One must first check with the Port Captain of the port of entry to each country that you choose to enter. Unless you have documentation of your entry it is very difficult to exit that country, which again you must do with the Port Captain. 
Along the way in Mexico many ports/places required a verbally check via VHF radio with them as you arrived and departed. In many cases the exercise was a safety measure as it was and might be a busy port.
Leaving Mexico was somewhat serious as the Navy boards your vessel bringing along a dog but all is done in a very professional friendly manner. Mexican authorities do like paper and the procedure can be tedious. ie three different agencies to deal with Port Captain, Customs and Payment (Bank). Most Cruiser Guide books outline the where and how of that. ie Charlies Charts

I can not tell you about Guatemala as we sailed right by and entered Central America through El Salvador. We joined the EL SALVADOR RALLY in La Paz and found it very worth while.  Among many benefits to the rally   we discovered it was the most economical Port of Entry and with our visiting visas we are able to travel all four Central American Countries. Also, the Customs has a very friendly procedure right there at our Port of Entry, which was Bahia Del Sole.
Documents needed:

Boat Registration
Information of the Port you came from and where you are going. They always want to know of course how long you plan to stay.
Crew List
Boat Inventory

Lue  had made copies but discovered they want to either make their own copy or have their own form that you have to get copies of.

It was always more difficult if our Spanish was not so good. When we entered Mexico we stayed at a marina to connect with the staff who helped us through the process. By the time we left we were becoming somewhat seasoned plus being part of the Rally gave us contacts.

That is as far as we have gotten so the rest will be interesting. Hope this was of some assistance and we wish you awesome adventures. Keep in touch and check out the blog for more adventure and links to the Rally and Cruiser Books.

October 01, 2011
Back to Wakeman Sound, across from Port Hardy on the mainland of BC for a few more shifts of driving log truck.  My list of provisions and parts for the White Shell is complete and even packed.  Not much work left here on the site but will work to it through, probably till the end of the month.  Looking forward to turkey day though I am working on staying healthy...........not too exciting that but nonetheless  must think of the upcoming season on board.  Being healthy is nothing to take for granted.

Here are a few pictures of what I am up to.  Soon I will trade my work boots in for my sandals.............ahh  I can taste that cervesa now. Not many calories in a El Salvadorian beer I understand. 

Hopefully you all will be follow'n my First Mate we will be heading to  Gutemala on our return........lots of  adventures to share with you and of course pictures.  So, that is all I got to say for now..........hope you are all well and not to full of turkey.      

August 6, 2011 ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FOUNDER. Just chatted with my little "muchacha" to tell her I'll be doing another shift.  (We both decided that was a good idea cause if the weather gets warmer for sure we will be shut down for Fire Season)  The boat "Kitty" still needs filling, cant sit around and wait for my RRSPs to grow.  Oh, well that is another story.  As you can see from the recent pictures my main man Santos in El Salvador is working diligently on my wish list:  so great to have access to some teak to repair and replace some of the toe rails.  The outer decks are being painted as we speak.......who would have known that BC green was not a good choice of color of Central America???  Live and learn they say and wow did we learn.  Pretty hot, too hot to walk on let alone dance.  LOL  It will also keep the interior temps moderate.  So, then  thought you might enjoy this little clip  my First Mate sent me.  She said she is taking the time apart to work on her "short comings".  You all know she is pretty short so she said she has a long list.  We both agree that absence makes the heart grow founder so no worried there!  Enjoy though, she is still laughing.  Just right click on the following link:

Gotta love it...................Keep smiling and never lose your sense of humor................makes for a long and healthy relationship of nearly 35 years for me and The Little Women.............Adious from The Captain, in Wakeman Sound,, West Coast of Mainland BC.

AUGUST 2, 2011..........this picture just in from Santos at Bahia del Sol is motivation enough for me to continue driving my life away.  The old girl looks grand and will soon be pretty with new white decking.  Sure miss her!!

 JULY 11/11

Here I am in Wakemans Sound, driving my life away.  A couple of long shifts... kahshing kahshing.. topping up the sailing "kitty" is the name of the game at the moment.  Besides had to get out of that resort - those gals had me painting and working way to hardLOL.  Must say it does look good and the guests are enjoying it and that is what it is all about.

I am hoping to sight a few grizzly bears and will have Lue post them as soon as we get them.

Until later, have  a great summer and keep your rudder out of the mud.

Captain Claes driving log truck in the mountains.

APRIL 25, 2011   My grandson Angus is 4 years old today!!!

Three generations of Petris does make ones heart feel proud.  Such a pleasure to see this little guy getting bigger and oh so bright.  Hmm............future crew???

Spent the weekend with my family over in Powell River.  Ate well and had a great time playing board games with my older grandsons and watching the Canuks  loose yet another game.    

Enjoy the Easter weekend and stay tuned in as The First Mate and I compile postings for you to update you on our last few months aboard The White Shell II.  It has been brought to my attention that some of you are eagerly awaiting more details of our sailing.    The Captain

APRIL 5, 2011
Busing to ZACACUTALUCA--we just call it "Zee Town".  The closest ATM is located there so will fill the wallet up with American Dollars and be set for our return trip back to Canada.  The news here is that our dollar is surpassing the USA buck!  Gotta like that!  
We are putting the final touches on the White Shell to leave her for a few months as we return to Canada for the summer.  A good decision we think as this appears to be a perfect spot.  We have a mooring ball for $100 bucks a month and a very ambitious young man to oversee and check the boat regularly.  The spot is secure and we are thinking a great place to be of the tropical rainswept season.  Time will tell.  but in the meantime me and the first mate are sweating away making things secure and water proof.

One more afternoon by the pool then up early to catch the 8:20 out of San Salvador tomorrow.

See you all soon.   The Captain

MARCH 16th midday and I am so relaxed it is scary!!!!!
It has been a fine five months filled with checking and rechecking that all the running gear, pumps sump and otherwise divots and swivels and nuts and bolts all tightened and greased and all systems GO!!!!!  All the preparation: researched,  read and  heard put to paper and decisions made resulted in a successful  crossing of the Great Tehuanatpec otherwise known as the Tehuanpecker and the subsequent 43 hour passage to El Salvador all logged and behind us now.  
I can say that I am pleased with The White Shells' performance and my First Mates participation excellent and I content with this leg of the journey.

The last week has been our "Vacation" as we checked into the marina--second one this season- which we have truly enjoyed.  What part of this does one not like:  pools, showers, cold beers for a  buck and friends to share stories with???

Tonight, Lue has us off to a fund raiser across the bay........chicken dinner and all proceeds go to the kids and the local school.  Off we go with our Canadian pencils from the Dollar Store as we look forward to enjoying some of the children of the country.

The Captain at play 

MARCH 03, 3011 12:13 Hours and the weather forecast looks like we have the next four days to cross the Gulf of Tehuantepec.
It has been a long time coming and as I do the last of the motor and vessel checks I feel confident that all is well and that we will have a great passage.  The First Mate even baked this morning so we will have snacks along the way.  Talk to you soon.  We hope to depart at 15:00 hours today.


FEBRUARY 12, 2011

The day after my birthday.............hmmmm! Don't feel any worse for the wear.   We enjoyed  a very nice supper out at an upscale Resort palapa last night complete with a margarita and fancy deserts!  Sitting across from my wife, Lue we looked out to the Bay of Manzanillo as  The White Shell danced in the swell.............what more could I want???
Truly? Talking with my family and friends; appreciated and enjoyed the Skype conversations with some of you yesterday...........does my heart good to see you all especially my grand kids.  Bradon, sounding so grown up and driving around already.  Keep it on the road okay-big guy???  Cole glad to hear that you have a green belt in your Taiqwondo  and  Annika good to hear that you are still my princess with such nice long hair.

A gift in itself being able to talk and see you all.............always looking forward to more of that.  Here's hoping my grand kids will become computer wise and Skype me???

One year wiser...............The Captain
January 25, 2011

TOUGH JOB  these days...between escorting these gals around and  pondering on which tiller pilot to get to enhance the Hydro-vane I am exhausted!!!!  You know when we bought that thing we thought we would have a lot of wind to sail; that has not been the case as most  of the time the iron Ginny has to help the sails get us to where we want to go.  After much research, thought and discussion we have decided on a Raymarine S2000 with a wireless remote control.  The thought of continuing on this journey with the many long hours at the wheel  definitely played heavy on our minds.  The First Mate gets pretty tuckered after being at the wheel for a few hours straight.  

We ordered on line through Marina Vallarta and it will be delivered directly to us here in Barra.  Nothing is ever simple and  numerous emails have been sent between the great gals at Scotia Bank in Powell River  and this fellow to transfer monies directly from Canada to this dealer and we will be --hopefully installing the new addition to our White Shell family this coming weekend.  Of course there has been some pre-installation work.   Again, the internet provided a manual and the First Mate was quick to print it out so that I have been able to study it all.  Needing to drill some holes in a stainless steal pipe, I got on the cruiser net one morning and found a fellow sailor that was able to help me out.  It is great that there are so many folks out there with so many trades and gifting that we can help each other out.  Tomorrow is another work day so I will let you know how I make out.
Good nite from Barra de Navidad! 
Thankfully yours, The Captain

I will post some pictures as we install this baby and let you know how it works.
January 18, 2011...Un-choking the propeller.....continued.
Not sure how this is all working out for you unless you are reading on a daily basis.  If you just joined us then you need to start at the bottom of the page and read upwards and sort of backwards.
Sorry, if it is confusing.  I am not a computer geek so you will have to figure it our for yourself.

Anyways, back to the filters wrapping themselves around the prop.  I was so choked at myself that I left it all till the next day.  Had to eventually dive down and cut it out.  Thought I might loosen it up by working away at the shafts but no such luck.  Had to check the stuffing box anyways so that is another chore taken care of.  Needless, to say a lesson learned the hard way.  Next time I will put stickies all over the wheel house.  Good nite for now.  
Humbled.............I remain The Captain

January 14, know it has been great the last while, just sailing along and enjoying Gods great creations.  What could be better, my boat, my babe and me????  As I have learned in my past so on years,  there seems to always be the calm before the storm so to speak.  Just let me tell you my little story:

The author of this Blog seems to be doing  a heck of job trying to keep you all informed in the area of "the Boat".  She is a heck of cook, a great companion and not a bad writer but her mechanical expertise she is still working on.  She continually asks me questions of how this works and why this.  Drives a fella crazy.  Anyways,  The White Shell has been running like a dream and we have certainly no complaints.  
We have boat chores every day and depending on  whether we are under sail or not will depend on the extent of the chores.  Lots of recovery out there so we take turns whipping "her" down each morning.  Makes for an easy job of keeping her clean.  It is a constant job though.  One would think being on the water would keep things clean but the salt and dust are a daily attention getter.  Last season there was alot of  orange hair everywhere.............this year it has turned to silver????  Most of those kinds of chores we share; the mechanical stuff is my domain.  I do like it and I do appreciate a well tuned motor.  (Oh, by the way the SSB radio is a sweet one!!!  I even have signed on to being part of the AMIGO Net, which is a group of folks on the radio that provide information for cruisers.  Yep, my day is Monday am... so listen to it if you can.....on Frequency  8122 upper side band.)  

Now the Little women had to have a water maker before we left the West Coast.  It has been a great piece of equipment and has taught me a few lessons.  We run the motor at a lower RPM when we need water so that works well when there is not alot of wind............we can put the Jibe up, run the Yanmar and make water.  The Cook sure does use alot of it but then...................she feeds me.  Right???  Anyways, the other day the maker gave me the signal that the filters were getting dirty and just quite making no problem I was thinking it was time to clean those babies.
So, first chance I got I removed them and man they were stinky!!!!!  A fellow cruiser had mentioned that the best way to clean them is to tie them up and drag them behind the boat while under way.   So, hey, what an idea................we did it.  Yesterday, was a full day of sailing and motor sailing  as we left Ipal Point to make our way to Bai Chamala...............nice spot.  We had a great day,  saw a few whales, some sea turtles --the cook kept me fed and I finished my next book..........check out the Tab at the top of the page labeled Flicks and Pages or something, the author will be giving you a highlight of the novel.

We arrived at Chamala about 16:45 and worked as team as we always do setting the anchor amongst about fifteen other vessels; me at the bow and my First Mate at the Wheel.............all was well when I heard the motor go into neutral and the Little French Girl calling out. "What was that??"  Good thinking on her part she shut her down right quick as we had just put her in reverse and ate up the filters on that nice new piece of rope they were tied onto ------dragging behind us all day..................we had both forgotten to haul them in.   Darn it I hate it when that happens.  Put a whole new slant on "Ti-eying up the Boat".       I was so choked at myself for forgetting, I had thought about it at least five times during the day,  First Mate mentioned it a few times...........and here we both were gawking at the scenery of yet another beautiful bay!!!! 

Now our propeller is all choked up!!!!       

JANUARY 3, 2011
The computer guru is not happy this morning........... she was just inputting my latest capers and lost all of December hopefully you have read them.  Who know tomorrow when she turns this silly machine on they might all be there.  Now how am I going to cheer her up....this computer "thing" is pretty important to her.  Now I can take it or leave it.  It works when I need some info on a part or whatever.  Other than that I sure do enjoy seeing my grand kids and kids once in daughter gave me a journal --I nice red leather one so I hope to get at writing in there soon.  Thanks Crista.

Anyways,  yesterday I finally got at one of those projects that have been long in the doing:  made a couple of snubbers for the anchor.  A lot of stern anchorage here to keep the boat into the swell which lessens the rolly affect.  Material used?  two pieces of poly rope   about four feet long,  Spliced an eye at each end  for the cleat  and there you go.  

Had our first encounter with poor behavior at an anchorage yesterday.   S/V SO LONG which we had passed on our way into this nice little just came up from behind us as we were anchoring and basically pushed us out of the way.   Of course the First Mate was all over that and graciously motioned for the solo lady to call on the radio where we explained what we were doing.  Lue pointed out that everyone was stern anchored and we would be doing the same so logistically she --the lady would have to move over.   Which she did.  We had seen her before traveling with another blue  boat that was very similar to hers --we had dubbed them The TWINS and sure enough within the hour he came puttering in.  Funny folks.........

Well the plan is today to go ashore and explore so talk to you later.  The Captain  oh by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR, eh???

November 12, 2010
I have returned to my "boat" and Lue says I have the smile back in my eyes!  
Have not checked it entirely but what we can see so far she, The White Shell is in great shape.  We are certain that all of our work last April and the fact that the weather was not violating during the summer has resulted in this.  Now the works begins to put her back together and to splash her into the water this coming Monday. 

  • BOTTOM PAINTING:We had arranged to have the bottom sanded in preparation for painting and our Amigos here at the Singular Boat Yard are applying the first coat today...........when all is said and done it will cost us $$750.00 dollars for the job, including paint.  Young Juan (john) is very friendly and helpful as he speaks good Spanish and is teaching us a few words.
  • REPLACING GEAR: the boom is back in place and acts as a support for our tarp to protect us from the sun.  We are so thankful for the dodger that we have over the wheel house which we designed and had built in Comox before our departure.  (My goodness that feels like along time ago!!!)  Pretty hot already here...........high 80's yesterday and lost of moisture in the early morning.   Presently I am replacing the solar panels.  The boat yard has been very gracious to us and has provided electricity and water which is normally not part of our project.
  • REPAIRING SALES:  Dropped off our front sail yesterday to Snug Harbour Sails and expect to pick it up today.   Pretty good service.  The fella was very interesting and I am sure we could have had a few cervesa with him and heard a number of stories.  Lue was happy as he had two cats so she got her feline fix. 
Back to work I go and will chat again soon.   THE CAPTAIN, glad to be back to me boat!!!!
  Hello, here I am On October 21st, my little brothers Birthday.  Have a good one Rob!!!!
Got only another shift to do here on the logging route and yes.....................getting excited about leaving the rain and cold.  Yes, it has started already..................for those who are wondering how to travel back down to the White Shell here is some info about travelling by bus:


We do not provide service to La Paz but our affiliate, ABC Bus Lines does!

You would first need to catch a bus from Phoenix to Tijuana..
For departures from Phoenix you can check the following link:

Once in Tijuana, you can approach the ABC Bus Lines counter.
Their departures are:

12:00pm | 4:00pm | 6:00pm

Travel time is approximately 24 hrs.

Rate: $1,549.00 MXN PESOS / ONE WAY (get 10% off when you purchase your
round trip ticket)

For more information, please visit their website:


For these trips, it's always a good idea to reserve in advance..
If you have trouble reserving the ABC tickets from Tijuana to La Paz online,
feel free to call me @ 619-428-9517 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            619-428-9517      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.
I'll be happy to help!
I hope this information is useful!
Best Regards,
Leo Perales | Mexicoach, Inc.

 September 18,2010

A  swirling sea of passion gives it's poems in waves underneath me. Anxiously turning to  look around  insuring all is secure...tons of logs behind me.

A silence within rhythm of the surf, drums of the sea-- my thoughts tumble and toss about the deep blue abyss inside me, where the love of you dwells.
Just know that this is for a short time-- this time on land bound to this travail.
I'm fighting currents to get back to you  WHITESHELL listening to the flow of your liquid language as you beckon me:
                                         "Come Play"!
September 16, 2010
HOLIDAY IS OVER, well at least his duty as nurse and resort manager.  His First Mate is improving daily and the Summer Season at Kye is nearly over so Claes has filled his contract here and is preparing to go back to his beloved  Truck Job!!!!   You know he loves them......... Good news as he has been offered a town job so will be home every night.  His spirits are up and he ready to roll.  
After hours of research he is ready to buy the SSB and all that goes with it..............soon we will be calling a Hamster!!!!! (which is a nick name for a Ham Radio operator)

September 01, 2010

SSB RADIOS...........
The Captains listing of things  to do between now and the time we leave --ETD  is November 1st seem to grow day by day.   He has done his research and is looking at an ICOM M802 Single Side Ban Radio
that will serve us well as we travel across the Sea of Cortes to Mazitlan and south.

Click to enlarge

Icom M802 Package


  • ICOM M802 Marine SSB/HAM radio
    Many of our counter parts are or have used this model of radio and are very pleased with it.  This unit will provide us with the ability to receive as well as transmit.  On the water your radio is the main method of communication, which in the spectrum of things is vital and of utmost importance.  The weather, social contact and even email is all available on via this  radio.  Again things are different and part of the learning.  Alot of folks register with  SAILMAIL for got it--- sail  not snail.

  • The Captain will of course install this unit  in his very capable fashion and complete our navigation centre.  His work is never he would like to finish installing the stereo as well.  His plans are to make some nice wooden cabinets for the speakers.  My wish this year is for a little flat screen television -- which will complete our salon.
    Back to the radio:  we are deciding that we will likely purchase the radio in the states which will save us the HST cost.  We hope to travel to Victoria then across to Seattle to visit Patricia and Ron, then down to Arizona to check out the addition Irene and Merv had built this year.  (Irene is my sister)  They have offered us a ride to whatever airport works for us to fly back to The Baja.  Time is being spent now searching for the best price..........and the result will follow.

    Well it has been a long week with alot of our chores done.  The Captains is resting his eye lids as we speak and has invited me out for supper.  Check my home page to see how that went............until later over and out!!!

    July 14, 2010

    Too Hot in the Bush to Drive His Life WAY... Claes is home for the last week as the weather is very hot and consequently no work in the bush.  He is rather content to rest and help me around here.  Besides he needs some time off to research the Boat things we are saving for.  HAHAHHA!
    Speaking of which we travelled to Campbell to get the scoop on a SSB radio (Single Side Band) and a Automatic Tiller Pilot.........both items we need for the next leg of our journey.  If any of you have any input on that it is welcomed.

    Sounds like we are planning to return to the WHITESHELL II in the beginning of November.  Will fine tune that as I check to see what flights are available.  It has been rather exciting to meet with our Sailing buddies and realize that it was not a dream.............the eight months were real!!!!!  We are hoping that more of you can join us in a Sailors Reunion here at Kye Bay the week of September 8th??????  Let us know...............until later we will get back to our leisurely morning.  We even slept in today.  First time in awhile.   Have a great day!

    Claes and Lue and Joey on the beach at Kye Bay

    Looking forward to the Captain returning tomorrow night for details as to this section of the adventure. Better let him take the camera up there to document his time as a log truck driver and the beautiful northern portion of the island.

    June 01, 2010

    Everything happens for a reason...............just deleted the Captains Corner while trying to change his picture. Now I have made him his own all I have to do is get him to put something on it!!!  AHHAHAH