March 2014 Spent  less time reading this season manly cause I just had a difficult time to find a book that would keep my interest.  I picked up many only to discard  them after a day or two of reading.   My mind is wanting quality and substance.. a good sign I do agree.   Finished watching the movies we,brought along and sorted and. lulled them as well throwing the garbage away.    Amazing what is presented as entertainment these days.  Last few weeks have found the following which were good: 

The story of Solomon Northup.  12 Years a Slave directed by Steve McQueen. Excellent photography touching story.

Jonny Depp on "The Lone Ranger".  a good comedy from Tontos perspective.

August with Meryl Streep Julia Roberts ... Very passionate depiction of family pain sorrow and secrets..... Wow and I thought the BedaRd family was wild!!!

Nebraska.  A story again  about family and a fathers struggle with old age and dementia.

Back to books:  Beyond Opinion by Ravi Zacharias ... In a world where 'everyone does what is right in their own eyes'. It is refreshing to read such a commanding written presentation on absolute truth!!!!  A world view is an integral part of who I am and I can truly understand what that looks like when Ravi writes.   I also listen to his podcasts weekly and have become more affirmed in what  I do believe knowing what my Faith means!   

April to August not a lot of movie watching or reading for that matter.  Understandably The Captain is a tad tuckered at the end of his fourteen hours days as he works up the northern coast of the inside island.   I am enjoying some audio in between my home land chores. Makes it easier to do gardening and still listen to stuff.  Have collected a few volumes to bring along with us when we return to The White Shell.   Purchased an IPONE for my birthday in June and have been enjoying the many Apps --though the screen is a tad small I am enjoying it and learning much.  Hopefully we will purchase an IPAD when the current computers need replacing.........in the meantime still love the feel of leather as I read.

March 28-13  Just finished reading Hot House Flower, written by Lucinda Riley a novel set in England 1939 about a family torn apart by the war.  The characters are many and the story weaves the tapestry of thier lives and their ancestors.  Choices, devotion and loyalities all play a very strong part in the outcome of their lives.  Good read.

SRING BREAK used to be called a Reading Break in college and in ordinary life..........Easter Holidays.....so where ever you are hope you are enjoying it.  Seasons come and seasons go even here in the tropics.  Watched a movie the other night with two of my favourite ladies:  Glen Close and Meryle Streep in EVENINGS.  Was thought provoking and reminiscent of how choices are life changing and that  there are NO mistakes in life just part of who we are.  Good movie.

MID MARCH read a novel called Daughter of Fortune an extravagant tale by a gifted storyteller whose spell brings to life the nineteenth century world...Isabel Allende does an amazing job of weaving characters of different cultures, (Chilean, Chinese, English and the mix of gold diggers of California)  details filled with passion and brilliant insight into how we are all so connected.

A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS, written by Khaled Hosseini, the author of The Kite Runner. This is such an incredible story of two Afghan women, their lives, their country their dreams.  This is a story you just have to read.  Never before have I read such a touching account of a people and their history.

MARCH 01-4th season aboard the White Shell II has found me not reading as much as previous years.  Why?  Could be that we/I have been preoccupied with so much of my own adventures.  LOL  All material for that book I will eventually write for you all.   Yes,  my own book some day, when I have more time.  So, you might think that rather confusing as you all think that we have nothing   time out here in the wild blue yonder.   Well we do have time but sure dont know where it goes.............only that it goes by so very quickly. 

Finished these two novels just before the month began: Women of Silk, by Gail Tsukiyama. Set in 1926 rural China, where a group of women forge a sisterhood amidst the reeling machines in a silk factory.  The story is woven in and out of their lives prior to arriving  in Canton and through their lives working in the factory.  So very interesting to read about the culture and how these young women find strength in each other and in their hopes and dreams........in a very hard life.

Fortunate Son, a novel by Walter Mosley, which explores the true meaning of fortune in a gripping novel about two extraordinary brothers.  In spots got a little too crazy for me, but I persisted.  Skipped over the sexually explicit parts........as that is just not for me............but other than that it was a good story as the brothers lived such different lives:  one blond and white one dark and black. 

February 2013   Have a few reviews for you of books and have watched a few movies...

Thanks, to my good buddy  Judy- Stoogie from Comox  this next book still resonates in my readers heart.  The Forgotten Garden a novel by Kate Morton, an Aussie is an absorbing mystery.  This tale she tells, like the maze in the garden of the title provided some quality reading time for me to lose myself in. the title .  The Authoress spins her tale from the present time of  2005 back and forth to the 1900s where her quests leads her to the Cornish cost and the secrets of the doomed Mountrachet family,  her ancestors.  Worth your time reading this one if you like a story that binds people places and self-discovery.  Thanks for leaving it behind for me Judy.

While staying at the Land Sea Marina in Golfito, I traded a few books and found this little gem—so far.  LITTLE BEE  written by Chris Cleave was immensely readable.  Set in London, England and a beach in Nigeria, this story is about two women:  their lives collide one fateful day where they both have to make some terrible choices.  Two years later they meet again and the story begins……….this story will wake you up!

This next book, CRUISNG CHEF COOKBOOK, by Michael Greenwald,  has been in my galley for the past few years. One of those “cookbooks” I have hand picked for this my life on board                    THE WHITESHELL.  When we have internet I can google just about anything I need but that is not always available.  I will make reference to it on the BLOG PAGE – FROM THE GALLEY  but suffice it to say that it is an exceptional book of recipes.  Written by Michael Greenwald a fellow adventurer this little book is now in its second edition twenty-two years in print it is filled with cruising information, pictures, humor and much needed details about what a cruiser can expect or look forward to OUT HERE!  I  found this little gem a couple of years ago in a lending library  that we cruisers love.  They are becoming fewer and further apart these days what with  all the EBOOKS out there.   The Captain has also found some nuggets worth reading and has enjoyed this fellas gift for telling stories.  He is quiet a fella having made numerous ocean passages with his 60,000 miles of cruising experience.  He is a “Salty Old Dog”.

2013   Has started with movie reels on board of movies that our sailing buddies from Saucy Lady shared with us!  Truly do appreciate the nice set up we have in the salon: fans are a must cause it is very humid and hot by the time the movies start. LOL

Never thought I would enjoy MARVEL movies filled with Action Heros and all but IRONMAN  was impressive and kept my attention.  Some humor, good plot and of course the good guy one!!!!

LAND OF THE BRAVE: a war movie that deals with what and how soldiers deal with their  experience of defending their country.........how their country man see them and how devastating the effects are on everyone especially the vets!!!!

STOP LOSE another war movie and how the government deals with a shortage of work force and what can result when a soldier does NOT want to re-enlist.  Pretty emotional.

Enought war movies now............but all thought provoking and worth a watch.

More December reads.........

BOOK REVIEW  of a novel by Victoria Hislop, THE ISLAND,   A family saga, set In Crete spanning  the years 1939-2001.  Amazing telling of  a family story-  in particular four generations of women, that unfolds against the backdrop of the Mediterranean during World War II.   Very touching and filled with devastating secrets that live on through the years and how the great grandaughter in search of her roots finds healing and purpose through the lives of her great grandmother and grand mother and comes to know her mother. Also very  enlightening  as to how leprosy touched  families and entire communities.
Although it was eradicated in the North America  it is still a major health problem in developing countries.  As of 2004  more than 400,000 new cases were diagnosed with about 70% of these in INDIA.  For more information go to www.leprosy.org.

Another read: also about family.  LUCIA, LUCIA a novel by Adriana Frigiani. It is 1950 in glittering, vibrant New York City.  Lucia Sartori is a beautiful twenty-five year old daughter of a prosperous Italian grocer in Greenwich Village.  In post war America the sister of four brothers, she is a princes in her family with  ideas of her own.  Funny, vibrant story told of tradition, trauma and trusting ones dreams.  Great story.

December 2012   Read The Horse Whisperer, by Nicholas Evans.........great story, good writer. (I did not need the explicit sexual scenes............but hey I just skipped over them. LOL)  Filled with alot of information regarding horses and handling them............and geography of course.  Insight into relationships of course.......somehow another mother daughter combination.  Hmmmm timing is good for me!

Brought lots of movies but have not had the inclination to even set up the tv yet..............

NOVEMBER 2012  as I/we left Canada I began a two book novel by Francine Rivers,  fairly large and I don't mean the print. LOL  Excellent story about  moms and daughters -four generations.  Always have liked this ladys' work and was tickled when I saw she had a new book.......check her name out and her work.  Sure to give you a good read as well as covers  some pretty profound topics.  She does a great job on historical novels as well, which I believe I have made notes on the blog about.  Anyways the names of these two last publications are:  Her Mothers Hope followed by Her Daughters Dream...........very much rewarded me with contemplation of my relationships with my mother and my daughters.

OCTOBER  2012, AD Chronicles
written by  Bodie and Brock Thoene; First Light, Second Touch and now Third Watch, historical novels that have captured my attention.  In their most dramatic,ambitious and significant historical series to date, this couple once again take us back in time to first century AD to the most critical events in the history of the world.  

So highly recommend spending some time with these folks if you want to discover the truth through fiction.  It took me most of the summer to collect the first three novels and now am hoping to gather a few more before I leave November 7th.  If anyone of you has any of their books I would love to borrow or purchase them.............cant seem to find them to download.  Your suggestions are welcome.

The months of summer have come and passed!
Opportunity to read was not frequent but I did manage to peruse through a few volumes just not finding anyone to warm up to.  Am getting very particular about what I spend my time reading.  My first choice is a well written historical novel; feeding my head is part of the criteria and touching my soul the other.  Most importantly is that the literature must be that: the written word put to paper that will inspire, educate and engage me.  With that of course is personal taste of content, style and enjoyment.  Comments welcome!   What is your delight in the written WORD????

JUNE  Ahhh, the hunt is on.  Books and more books!  
          Which ones will I bring back to the my beloved WhiteShell II?  Oh, such fun.  It is one of my annual chore to clean out the lending library here at Kye Bay Guest Lodge   www.kyebay.com..... our home and place of work while home in Canada.  Thanks to  Nearly New  Books INC. here in Comox,  for assisting me to make some incredible choices.  You gotta know part of the time spent here whether you are a guest or the resort manager is to read and trade literary choices.

I  have found a great story in our our local newspaper that caught my eye.  News for me these days is mostly depressing and is something  that I try not to take too much in.  When away

Free e-book is photographers' gift to inspire others.   A local fine art photographer, Blair Polischuk has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS.  read more at   www.comoxvalleyecho

and then there was the YouTube featuring a video game anti-drugs produced by a small team of local youth aged 10-13.  It is a free download at www.youtube.comdaverobertson71

Locally we were honored to have TV star Kevin O'Leary donate his time for a charity event.  O'Leary was at the Crown Isle Resort.  You know who he is of course.  He is part of the Dragon Den tv program!

The Captain tells me he has little time to read these days up in Boston Bar as he works for WestPark INC.    I have been doing some self healing.  Was watching 100 Huntley Street     the other day was  taken by what  Barbara Wilson had to say about THE INVISIBLE BOND, a book she wrote in 2006 regarding the impact of our sexual past.  I will tell you more later as I read through it.  check it out on

First day of summer this week so we are all gearing up for a fun filled holiday season.  We are praying for sunshine and are quite to mention that we have had many days of  curling up on the couch to read...........bring on the sunshine!!!!!  This picture is a wee snippet of last years summer evenings.............ahhh memories.  One could write a book??

APRIL and home again.  Not as much time to read and the tv though tons of channels choices are still pretty pathetic!  Went and registered at our Regional Library and will begin to get movies from there and enjoy some good picture watching.  Will report later.


Brought along a portable, miniature hard drive filled with movies this season which is connected to the tv through our small lap top, which takes very little power.  The sound is exceptional and the picture crisp.  Love it.

Started reading A.D. CHRONICLES,  a historical series set in the first century AD taking me to the most critical events in the  history of the world.  Now I must get the next books when I return to Canada. 

Also, have been reading  BEYOND OPINION,  by Ravi Zacharias.

and started WORLD WITHOUT END,  by   KEN FOLLET which is huge and should take me through the long airplane ride home next week!!!

PLEASE NOTE:  As a cruiser you are likely in the know of how book exchanges work out here in the travelling world!  If not?  if you are fortunate when you come to land you find a shelf of books that you can trade with.  Sometimes, you find them in marinas, or stores or cafes.  None the less we have always smiled when we see them.  The most recent one we found was in Suchitoto;

Artex cafe, which is at the corner right adjacent to the big white church.  They have great coffee, reasonable priced goodies, a few artisan things and a few shelves of books.
FEBRUARY 1, 2012     MARY LAWSON, AUTHOR OF Crow Lake, also wrote The Other Side of the Bridge   which I just read  . I was not enthralled with the first book but this one was very much one of those books I could not put down. Set in the 1920 just before the Second World War in Northern Ontario this was a book filled with great characters, which by now you know I love. It was historic and very informative of how the war affected the farmers and their families, especially two brothers: big, clumsy Arthur and suave, cool Jacob.

KATES STORY, by Bill Hopkins, a story set in Manchester England in 1897 stole my attention and I just could not stop reading.  Such a great story, told by the grandson, of Kate a 92 year old women who looked back at her life and all that it unfolded.  Absolutely incredible the lives that were lived, the suffering, the lessons, the love and the pain all wrapped up with The War, and the advancement of human kind?????

KINDRID; by Octaviva Butler was earmarked as a science fiction, which I have not indulged in for years. Being on the road this last few weeks my choice of reading was minimal so I took a chance.  What a surprise!  The story begins with mystery and ends in mystery. The authors notes said it was not a traditional science fiction but a hybrid of memoir and fantasy; a neo slave narrative it left me with a better understanding of history and enriched my thoughts to a deepened level.  I have read alot of history and this was exceptional.

The Captain is reading a  historical novel, which when he is done will be spotlighted.  He has spent alot of time reading the Lonely Planet, 7th Edition CENTRAL AMERICA ON A SHOE STRING. which we found in a book exchange.  what a treat!!!!  FYI  these little books are a travellers reference guide and are part of the basics for us.  We do go to the website when we can but it is handy to have the book..........planing and researching as we ride the bus to yet another spot!!!!!  Such is our land travels for the season.  You might recall us mentioning our Cruiser Guides when we are sailing............these two books are cousins!!!LOL  The next to study will be THE PANAMA CRUISING GUIDE, FOURTH EDITION, by Eric Bauhaus, a complete sailors guide to the Isthmus of Panama which The Captain and I are already dreaming about for next season.

January 22, 2012 Just closed the last page of  a novel  by Anita Shreve, called SEA GLASS a drama set in Biddfordpool Maine, USA in the early 1900s right after the war.   It is a story of marriage, money and troubled times...the story of a young newlywed couple who set out to build a life together in a derelict beach house on the Atlantic coast soon to discover how threatening the wold outside their front door can be.  A very good story with a sad ending.

December 30, 2011
Closing out the year with a few good reads:

Claes sped through Paradise Lost a nother novel of suspense by the so author of Partner in Crime........  J A Jance  set in Arizona, so my siblings should know all about the terrain??  Also, he read The Reversal by  Michael Connelly   and is now  resting after a short drive home from Turriabla.....reading a  Ken Follet novel given  to him by our new friends, Sharon and Gordon,  who recently moved here to beautiful Athenas, Costa Rica from the Seattle area of the USA. 

Sharon gave me  Living Abroad in Costa Rica and I have read, studied and digested this great little hand book written by Erin Van Rheenen.  Though it is a revised edition, 2007 it still has much worth in the telling of the history, culture and beauty that continues here in this wonderful country.  I am still enthralled with and continue to aspire that we become  Pentiandos, residents if possible in the next few years.

I always enjoy reading a Christmas novel during the holiday and this year I found a little red book by  Glen Beck: The Christmas Sweater, a novel.  Reminiscent of Mitch Albom's THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN, this little book is a gift --the kind that you treasure long after the holiday has passed and long after you turned the last page.  Well written; it is worth your time.

My luggage space for books was limited coming away from the boat  so having finished this last book I was continually looking for something in English.......to no avail.  While in Monteverde at the B&B I found a book exchange with most of the novels  in German.  I must admit that I am pretty particular as to what I read not wanting to waste my time on trash...........so I quickly eliminated the first two I previewed.   The only other choice was  LEFT BEHIND, a series that has been out for awhile with many folks raving about it.    I have nearly finished the first installment....now wondering where I will find the next.  LOL  I know sister Annette had them all at one time.......if you still do Nette.............can you save them for me???  Sharon, my new friend  I mentioned above has directed me to an American book exchange here in Atenas which I will search out tomorrow.  Until later.  Luisa

December 2, 2011

Three Day Road  Took most of the summer for either of us to read a few books but now that we are back on the boat.........time to enjoy some good stories.  Claes finished the last of the three in the series of The Girl with the dragon tattoo.  That was followed by three day road by Joseph Boyden, which he said was very good. A novel of a Native American family set in 1919 in Northern Canada with one of the two boys that was sent to the Great War and now only one is returning.

I have been studying my Spanish lessons with a new Berlitz  program that seems to be working quite well.  Been reading a book called Walking the Books of Moses,  learning all about the modern day places of the Bible.  Very interesting to see how history, the Bible and present day  is working together to produce what we know as the Middle East.  On a lighter side I am reading a collection of Christmas stories............getting my fix.

September 2011 did not leave us much time for reading but we do look forward to our reading schedule once back aboard The White Shell.  Did watch "The Fastest Indian" with our friends from S/V Salish Sea.............we were entertained by Anthony Hopkins himself in a great movie.  Highly recommend it folks.  It will make you cry and then split up laughing.   Enjoy!!!!


AUGUST  Have decided to watch the Harry Potter series of movies.  Oh, my they are fast and very busy.  The stories all flow quite nicely and the characters are amazing.  Wizards and witches and friends and lots of lessons to be learned.  Rather interesting..............the last one I watch The Fire Goblet one was pretty dark.............but now that I have started I must finish.  Don't think they are for young children...................teens of course and young adults would gobble it all up.  Old girl like me enjoyed it too.

Claes read THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO  by Stieg Larsson.  I am reading THE HELP byKathryn Stockett

MARCH 21, 2011
Captain read ECHO BURNING, by Lee Child...thumbing across the scorched west Texan desert loner, Jack Reacher has no where to go and all the time to get there.  He hitches a ride with Carmen Gree, who's got a story to tell and before the sun sets this ride could cost them both their lives.

I finished Breath, Eyes Memory a novel by Edwidge Danitcut a Haitian girl who writes about her haunting life........how her grandmother and auntie raised her and how her mom having gone to USA comes back into her life.  The novel is full of tradition and change for the women of this family.

FEBRUARY 10, 2011
MOVIE NIGHT aboard the White Shell as we watched  RABBIT HOLE, starring Nicole Kidman and Aaron Echart.......a very touching story about a couple who lost their four year old son in an accident. We love Nicole and of course Aaron is excellent as well.  The way people deal with pain and grief  varies and this story is one portrayal of that.

February 7, 2011  Both the Captain and I have finished another book.

Home Song by Lavyrle Spencer. Are there sins of the heart beyond forgiving?  A good read about how one fathers action on the eve of his wedding changes the lives of his family 17  years later.

OUTER BRIDGE REACH  by Robert Stone, based on a true story, the adventure of one mans challenge with the sea.

 FEBRUARY 02, 2011 

Just finished an excellent love story by Nicholas SPARKS, THE LAST SONG, which I believe was made into a movie.  He is the author of Message in a Bottle, The Note Book and one of the movies that we listed below:  Nights in Rodanthe.  Excellent story with a variety of characters which I always really enjoy.  A more modern time frame which is also interesting for me as I have been reading alot of older books these days.  Hope you find and read it!   It is a 5 Star for me.

JANUARY 27, 2011
A PAINTED HOUSE by John Grisham, the great story teller.  The story of Luke Chandler, 1952,  just a kid set in the Arkansas Delta in a cotton field..............he watches the world around him, unravels secrets that could shatter lives and change his family and town forever............good story- The Captain 

My last read is from Select Editions a collection of four stories:  Peace Like a River, Leif Enger,   P is for Peril, Sue Crafton,   Summer Island Kristin Hannah, and   The Incumbent Brian McGrory............great reads.

We watched a few more movies:  most memorable was Redemtion with Jamie Foxx and Lynn Whitefield, a true story based on the life of Stanley Tookie Williams the leader of the Los Angeles gang Crips.   Excellent movie for those of you who like true stories.

Some silly ones were:  The Shrink is in! (some nudity and cussing for those that don't like that kinda stuff.)  Rather funny though so I just try to ignore that other stuff.

Bigger than the Sky, with Patty Duke playing a double minor role.  Not a bad story about theater people.

A Good Women, good story.  Thanks Annette that is the one you gave me.

Evolution: kinda of silly!

The Lazarus Project: good action and mystery

NED BLESSINGS: excellent western true tale.

January 14, 2011 
Captain finished another book:
Another New York Times best selling author JACK HIGGINS, with East of Desolation.  The wreckage of a private airplane is discovered high up in the icy desert of Cape Desolation, Greenland.  The pilot is listed in the log and the body found near the plane are not the same.  Charter pilot Joe Martin is hired by the widow and the insurance agent to fly them through deadly terrain to the site of the crash.   Does Martin trust the widow or the insurance agents?? She is not mourning and the agents are not afraid of dying!  Throw in a fortune of emeralds.............Suddenly the natural dangers that loomed so darkly are nothing compared to the human malice on Cape Desolation

JANUARY 11, 2011
A lot of evenings we watch movies; sure appreciating our little 19" tv we bought at Sears in La Paz!!!!  It is very comfortable lounging in our salon sometimes with popcorn and sometimes not. We don't use alot of lights in the evening but have begun to use solar garden lights as our entertainment lights.  Placing them strategically on the upper deck during the day they provide us with sufficient light to watch a movie.  Rather romantic as well!  Enough of that. HAHAHAH!
While home last summer I scouted out second hand movies and have brought along quiet a few and we are finding alot of enjoyment from them...............only threw one away so far.  It was garbage so that is where it went.

Following is a list of those we watched so far.  You might want to rent them at your local video house.

                                              AUGUST RUSH and AVATAR- I already reviewed those two for you.

NIGHTS IN RODANTHE;  Richard Greer - good romance - good story.
HOTEL RWANDA; Historical very sad.
THE PROPOSAL; Comedy, cute
BAKERS HAWK; old but  great story,   Burl Ives
THE BOOK OF EVE;  Good story about an older women who leaves her abusive husband.
LADDER 49; great story about a fireman and the dangers of the job
WAITRESS; cute and silly
BLUE RIVER: good story about a dad and his two sons
EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH; Comedy, crazy but good
NED BLESSINGS; true story of a mans life....between heaven and the hangman stands Ned Blessings. 
THE LAZARUS PROJECT;  good story, a little complex but engaging.
GRACIE'S CHOICE;   excellent story about foster kids..you will recognize the actors.

January 3, 2011..........finished off a few little Christmas story novels.............just some light reading to feel the Spirit of Christmas, lot of mushy stuff by Debbie Macomber, Sherryl Woods and Robyn Carr.

Then GILEAD by Marilynne Robinson, a work of fiction that explores big ideas while telling a good story.  A dying father writing to his son  about his father and grand father before him.

December 20th, 2010  five more days till Christmas!

Finished reading yet another Maeve Binchy, novel named Tara Road, which is part of Oprah's Book Club a tender story of the pleasures and pitfalls of friendship.

Captain is reading a journal of young couple who sailed down the Pacific Coast and over to the Caribbean......keep tuned for a further report soon.  Dont think it is as exciting as living the experience yourself as he seems to be taking a while to read it.!!!! LOL

December 1, 2010

Reading has become one of our favorite pastimes on-board our sail boat, The White Shell .  This year we did purchase a 19" television to view "good" movies.  We will be reporting on those as well as most movies are good books first!!!  Let me know if you can play the video that follows.

AUGUST RUSH, was our first viewing.  Excellent story about a young orphaned boy in search of his parents............told in an interesting way with lots of good music..........I must get better at remembering the actors and actresses  but do remember Robin Williams had a minor part.  Worth watching for sure. 

Captain just finished  COLD MOUNTAIN,  a novel by Charles Frazier,  He reports that this read is filled with adventure  --  savagery, solitude and a love story.

October 4, 2010
After my friend Sheilagh highly recommended I read "The Red Tent" by  Anita Diamant http://www.anitadiamant.com/ 

The Red Tent is a novel of biblical times (and of the customs of those times), detailing the imagined lives of Rachel and Leah, two wives of Jacob (both true biblical figures) and, subsequently, the imagined story of Dinah, the daughter of Leah, also a true biblical figure. The "red tent" of the title refers to the tent the women of the tribe remain in while experiencing their "time of the month" or while giving birth.

I can now say I am happy I did return to it to truly enjoy the novel based on a Biblical story of Dina, sister of Joesph,  the fella with the coat of many colours.   Remember him?  Very interestingly written  the authoress vividly conjures up the ancient world of caravans, shepherds, midwives, salves and artisans............this earthy passionate tale is quite simply a good read.

Claes just finished another  Reacher Novel.
  • Lee Child writes  The Enemy.     If the pace at which he is reading and the quick reach for another book is any indication he is liking this series.  It's not really a series in that you need to read in a sequence but rather is about one particular character and his adventures.  
  • DOMINION by Randy Alcorn
  •  The Black Echo Michael Connelly, on of those masters.who can keep driving the story in runaway locomotive style.
  •  Breathless by Dean Koontz, fantasy mystery
  •  Critical, Robin Cook a thriller
  •  Deception Point by Dan Brown a rocket fast thriller.
  •  MEMORIAL DAY by Vince Flynn -the king of high concept political intrigue
  • The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
  • Under the Big Top by Bruce Feiler.

  • * Swan River by David Reynolds, memoir of a family mystery ...a story of human frailty and foibles seen through the eyes of a great grandson.
  • * * Heart & Soul a novel by Maeve Binchy lot of characters well entwined into the plot.
  • * An American Summer by Frank Deford based in the early 50's
  • * An Audience of Chairs by Joan Clark a little difficult to get in to but well worth the read.
  • * Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie
  • * COPPER BEECH by Maeve...........I am truly hooked....these are some of her earliest writings.
  • ** a new Maeve Binchy novel NIGHTS of RAIN and STARS......... four people thrown together unexpectedly by a shocking tragedy....they find solutions though not necessarily the ones they anticipated.
  • ** Light a Penny Candle..Maveve Binchys' first novel from 1982.. Good story.
  • ** Part two Tom and Isabella Bunn The Innocent Libertine 1820s London to the New Americas.
  • ** Silver Wedding another by Maeve Binchy..have gotten caught up in her characters..........she is good..
  • ** SKYLARKS SONG by Harriet Seagal
  • ** The Penny by Joyce Meyer& Debroah Bedford ...good story
  • ** The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picouttie is a metaphorical journey through Dantes "Inferno" woven throughout the novel are a series of dramatic illustrations that pay homage to the family's patriarch (comic book artist Daniel Stone), and add a unique twist to this gripping, yet somewhat rhetorical tale
  • *** A Cedar Cove Christmas by Debbie Macomber, a light seasonal story. Quiet enjoyable
  • *** CIRCLE OF FRIENDS by Mavie Bichey ...the title gives it away.
  • *** HANDLE WITH CARE, Jodi Picoult, a novel about the effects of having a disabled child..............and much more!
  • *** PLAIN TRUTH by Jodi Picoult
  • *** RAINWATER by Sandra Brown
  • *** same kind of different As me by Ron Hall & Denver Moore (a true story)
  • *** The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy, excellent story.
  • **** Demon a memoir by Tosca Lee , as told by one of the fallen angels!
  • **** Mercy by Jodi PIcoult, very thought provoking!!!!!
  • **** STRING OF PEARLS, excellent story about family incest...........in my hurry of packing I gave it away and forgot to write the author down. Too bad cause it was an excellent book.
  • **** The Lost Choice by Andy Andrews ( in a style that weaves a story with history )
  • **** Wish You Well by David Baldacci , a touching tale set in rural Applachian Mtn 1936
  • ***** Digging Out by Katherine Leiner a novel based on a mining disaster in Aberfan, Wales...of loss, reconciliation and the healing power of love.
  • ******* Nineteen Minutes and incredible novel by Jodi Picoult a depiction of contemporary adolescence is exceptional!
  • Ellen Gunderson Traylors' Jerusalem.. the City of God a novel. seamlessly combining fact, legend and oral tradition .
  • The Solitary Envoy, T Davis Bunn and Isabella Bunn ... historical tapestry of three nations...Britian, France and Nova Scotia at the time of the American Revolution.