March 2014.  Many apologies for not "Blogging" mush this season.  Partially because technology here is not dependable resulting in lengthy time sitting before the screen sometimes for naught ... after much work it all disappears into cyberspace.   Then of course there is the heat..... Yes of the moment but mostly of the day which gives us 12 hours of sunshine, humidity and the stillness of a windless day..... Blood sweat and tears so to speak and nothing to show for it.
Well not on paper perhaps  yet my mind - my heart and my Spirit are full of great memories and   tidbits of knowledge and lots of love of folks and another continent ..that of South America.   How can I complain about that?   My challenge now is to remember and put pen to paper and share some of it with you.... And I will attempt to do that this summer.

Would like to direct you to our FaceBook pages.: Louise Marie  Bedard Petri , The Captains Page, Colors of Change and Sailing Our Dream all offering you part of our thoughts and journey.   Lots of pictures and more to come when I get back to my desk in Campbell River. I promise!  

See you soon

Nice to have time and internet all in the same day...........of course I am always thinking of what I would like to write and things I should or maybe daren't write and by the time the formula comes together I believe I am inspired to write what I must.  The thought that keeps coming to the forefront of my mind this season is that I/we are not to WORRY.   Many important people throughout the ages have counseled that worry is not beneficial, that worry causes sickness, strife and a loss of our life and time.   That in a nutshell is: DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY!  made famous by a few rock stars including BOB MARLEY!!!!!  Jesus, Himself said "Worry for nothing!" The wisest man in the our times, King Solomen said there was nothing worthy of worry.  So,  I ask you?   who are we then to worry?  Have we proven otherwise?   When was the last time you worried and it was what you needed to do to change the situation?  You see what you worry about "owns"you.  Your worry becomes the controlling factor in you day-your life.  No matter your intelligence, your plan, your talents it ÖWNS"you.

So give it up!  We must be careful:  we need to be responsible yes and take care of our lives the best we can and use the gifts that God has so graciously blessed us with.   I for one know that He, God will take care of whatever I need.   (If you dont follow with that just try something for a month?  Live your day worry free.........give it up and see what transpires.

Live today, with all your memories, your wants and dreams.  Live large today and use the gifts you have giving thanks in everything!

Have a good one and let me know how you make out!  Hopefully this summer we can share notes on the subject.

Luisa,  knowing Le Dios es mejor!!!!!!

EASTER WEEK begins this week in the Americas.  Differently celebrated  in the North Americas then here in Central America:  Friday is a national holiday and the slow down and shut down of the commerce will begin on thursday and follow through for most places right up till Easter Monday.  As we continue to see on n our travels  though this is another religious holiday one will see many parades and church services but for the most part it will be another occassion to party. 

Panama is still very much of the Catholic faith with about 75%.  The churches are for the most part the orgininal structures of the last century and usually massive but in disarray and needing maintenance.  As we have driven around I have notice a few older buildings transformed into more modern facilites  of the Protestentant venue.  

The following comes from a local blog I stumbled across.  Might give you some insight into life here:

On a recent morning Oliver and I passed the school yard just as the morning rituals were getting underway; we stopped and watched. Panamanian children wear uniforms to school which vary by district and age. Here in our village the uniform consists of navy blue pleated skirts and either white or light blue shirts for the girls, and navy blue pants with light blue shirts for the boys. In high schools located in larger communities nearby, the boys wear short sleeve white shirts with ties. Apparently the government subsidizes the cost of school uniforms although I know of some expats who assume this expense for local families.
The school day begins with a person whom I believe to be the school principal saying to the children, “Buenos Dias!” And the children shout back, “Buenos Dias!” Morning prayers begin with the sign of the cross followed by recitations and ending, once again, with the sign of the cross. Then the flag raising is followed by some sort of pledge, offered with hand over heart, followed by a song, perhaps the national anthem.
There were an assortment of moms and dads, and probably grandmothers, standing just outside the gate, all with proud smiles on their faces like parents everywhere in the world. I was thinking perhaps this was the first day of the school term; however we have continued to observe these morning rituals, day after day, and the number of parents gathering outside of the gate does not appear to diminish.
As someone reasonably well versed in the doctrine of the separation of church and state, I was particularly interested in the prayer segment of the morning ritual since I am aware that not everybody in Panama is a Catholic. Even here in our rural village of Sora, in addition to the Catholic church there is a Lutheran church and some sort of Evangelical church. In Panama City, there are Jewish temples, Mormon temples, Buddhists temples, congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Rastafarians. I never trust the statistics I read but it is reported that there are over 40,000 Mormons in Panama, 60,000 Baha’i, 10,000 Jews, 10,000 Buddhists, etc., and over 2.5 million Catholics.
I have learned many things. First, the Constitution of Panama states that Roman Catholicism is the “cornerstone” of the Republic and its predominant religion. The diocese of Panama was founded by Franciscan missionaries in 1514, and the educational system first began with the arrival of the Jesuits later in that century. However “public” education did not begin until 1903 when Panama, with the backing of the United States, seceded from Colombia. Although not mandatory, the constitution encourages the teaching of Roman Catholicism in public school curriculums and, apparently, such religious instruction has always been part of public school life, with the proviso that children of other faiths, or non-believers, may be exempted from such instruction. The Constitution clearly protects religious freedom and Panamanians have absolute liberty to practice and profess any faith or religion of their own choosing. Indeed, Panama is known for its religious tolerance. I wonder how this really works, in practice, since it would seem that village children here must either embrace or feign embracing Catholicism — or be subtly branded as different. Panama is thought to be between 75% and 85% Catholic but I would imagine that number is higher in rural areas such as where we live.
School attendance is compulsory for only six years, beginning at the age of 7. Private school education is, for those that can afford it, the favored option. For example, 90% of the country’s Jewish children are educated in Jewish schools. Similarly, Protestant kids go to Protestant schools, Muslim kids go to Muslim schools, and so on. Those that remain, the local Panamanian children, are left with an underfunded system that few in the government seem to care about. Indeed, public schools are considered to be a social “safety net” for only its poorest children.
While I do discern mild hints of religious bigotry, Panama is remarkably tolerant and, for example, is the only country other than Israel that has had two Jewish presidents. Attempts to stir up religious “tensions” have not thrived here and when the legislators take up religious questions, most Panamanians shrug it off as another silly political game.
In addition to school being underway, it is also the Lenten season and the road is dotted with white crosses, adorned with purple ribbons

As our lease nears its expiration, we muse about the future. Seems like travel is in the offing and we may go exploring in Mexico for a time. But as we contemplate our last days here on the mountain, we are again amazed at the changing landscape as the flora prepares for the rains to come. Already we’ve had a few mornings of light rain and heavy winds out of the North. The idea that Panama only has two seasons — wet and dry — is really a myth for each season has many faces.

FROM FEBRUARY TO the next month of March 2013

Ahh!  such a beautiful day won't beleive me but the last few days were not so warm.  Really!   Cloudy, damp and actually cool with the evening breeze caused us to put on our long sleeved shirts and pants.  Yes, we actually used our blankets in the night with no fans easing us into a sweet sleep in a calm anchorage at Contadora Isla.

 On our way back from our little time we spent ashore...........walked to the little tienda to buy what we could. (Can't believe it but I actually spent $3.50 on a head of lettuce!!!!)  Call me crazy.  Just for your info:  this island is basically filled with wealthy folks from all over Europe and N America living in homes along the shore that range from millions to millions of dollars!  Nice paved roads, an air strip and very expensive hotels............all welcoming us  cruisers with free moorings. The hotel reastaurant is usually filled with families here for vacation.........alot of Canadians of course.   The beach is small but very lovely and makes for a nice little stay as the internet coverage we are using  Digecel is good.  That is about all that we are here today we are off -under sail and very calmly moving at about 2 knots toward a little village called San Migel where we hope to get a bag of oranges for about 12 bucks and some bananas............then off towards Isla Espirto Sancto and a little village calld Esperanda, where we hope to meet up with some kids.  We still have toys and things to share...........hope to share that with you with pictures.

We are thinking about the last few months and how quickly it has all gone.  We are so greatful for the peace we continue to be blessed with  which has provided us with five months of new places, people to share with and lots of lessons to learn as we continue to live aboard our sail is not always easy but usually very rewarding.  By this time we are begining to feel comfortable with it all and have visions of next season and Ecuador. 

January 26, 2013  More about people.  I do love meeting folks.  Last night was stupendous!  Having arrived thursday late in the day, we tied at the dock here at Golfito at Land and Sea Marina.  Just as the Saranna Guide led us to believe -it is a great spot.  Reasonable in cost and quaint to the point of being "from the old daze.  For under 20 bucks we got laundry done and had free access to a huge shower-- room for two actually.  Yeah I know too much info for some of you. LOL 

So the days roll by,  with friday the day to walk to town to do our official checking out of the country.  We start early and arrive at the Captains Office for 9 oclock..........make our way to Immigration and then on to The Adunas (customs) office and then all papers complete stop at the bank to pay our $20.00 and continue on to the office of the Port Captain to receive our official Zarpe to leave Costa Rica.   It is a long session but we get done in record time for 12ish to stop at a Soda for lunch.    Onward to The Tax Free Zone area to be overwhelmed with people and stuff.   We g Oet our permit to shop but when we return to the boat, we relax and are just not keen on going back to the "material world".   The day ends with a Pot Luck on the deck with about ten people bringing salads and BBQ dorado!!!!!  Out of that group of people the majority are from Europe: France, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and a token
 US couple and us!   Not only is it a treat to have BBQ fish for supper but to chat and socialize is so very enjoyable.   The folks are great!  Ages 34 to 92!!!! Unbelievable and so enjoyable.  Thanks to you  we are reminded again of how grateful we are for relationship -in this case INTERNATIONAL!   Imagine sailing all the way from France.  Claes is surrounded by his fellow countryman and sharing stories and laughs.  I love it!


 People are people no matter where you go!

As planned White Shell II   pulled away from the dock. A month in the estuary was perfect to tend to our commitments and "diesel"issue but oh my it is a tad long to be tied up!  The excitement of seeing new seas building our hearts were saddened as we wished  the incredible staff at The Costa Rica Yacht Club farewell!   We so appreciated their help and genuine  friendliness! The language breakdown did NOT seem to impede our relationship  but rather enhanced it. Humor is the best hey? and like "Johnny" said mutual respect it the most important part of relationship.  "' 

In Costa Rica prominas- tipping is included in the service you pay for.  Our rule of thumb is to bless those who bless us..............leaving this idea to perhaps grown as the local people struggle to make a living in an economy that maybe the best in Central America- is still centered around the wealth. 

Walter, Timothy, Manual and Johnny- the panga drivers that were at our beck and call... 24/7  were quite a crew!  We did have some fun times with them, laughing and communicating in broken SpanEnglish!!!!!  Each their turn we shared our "wealth"with them in forms of chocolates, new shirts and brownies and yes some cash.   As  Johnny, smiling Johnny put it""the money is nice but the attitude is the most important............I am a person who wants to do a good job and be appreciated."

Dont we all????

January 01-2013  Always a time for me to look back a little before making steps into a brand new year...............thinking and enjoying the memories of the gone by!   There are many so how do I pick the best, the most favourite, the most difficult the most teachable, the most rewarding???

Tonight I will think of one which is still very new to me--living without drinking alcoholic beverages!  Been three years now and I am still lov'n it.  I love the sense of thinking clearly.  I knowing that it is my choice.  (Of not spending money on a substance that cause me to feel ill)  but mostly I like the sense that I am in control of this one!


No matter where we are...tradition and memories of Christmas past flow through our hearts and minds this week. With Skype calls and emails filled with talk of "lots" of snow in North in Central America...more particular Central Costa Ricia...the season of Christmas  is alive and  well. The old and new mixed and intertwined in the displays of   bright lights  of homes and shop windows..........the hustle and bustle is evident as folks chatter on their phones as they go and return to and from work. The lists are similar, the songs carry the same lyrics......though different sounding.............Christ was born long time ago and  we try to enjoy  the giving and the celebrating.............the party of winter......some call it the "holidays"...........some Christmas the birth of Christ. 


December 11-2012  THE QUEST: to sail our boat to Costa Rica

That challenge began in 2006 when Claes bought  a sailboat for his birthday!  The promise was to have a great time and enjoy the trip....................lots of learning curves lots of boat dollars and yes, lots of incredible memories so far. 

This last week has been memorable for us as we have reached our initial destination of Costa Rica.  Hoisting up the bright red and blue Costa Rician flag was special and dedicated to our Costa Rician son, Gerald. 
What the next chapter holds only God knows.  We do know a few things:  that without our faith in God we would never have made it.  Without the support and encouragement of our friends and familia.... we would never have made it and without the effort of us as a team..............we would not still be making it.

To some it is a dream, to some a nightmare and to some a frivolous  time for running -away from reality- away  from life???? Hmmm to me it is all of those things plus+++++++ To me it is a time to explore and experience the beauty that God created; the opportunity to share His gifts with my spouse and with others we/I meet.  More intimately, it is a time for me to get to know myself on a level that I have never dared even think I could attempt to recognize let alone accept................I have days that I am high on life and others, fearful that.......that perhaps I am being selfish.  But then, He reminds me that the doors continue to open and as I walk through them He will show me more of Himself and His world and His people and what it is I am.

October months end..time for goblins and spiders and cob webs...cleared them all out as I have been packing........and thinking..........yes pondering:

HEALTH AND WELLNESS:  What is life without your health....we hear that question in one form or another every day, every where we go. The sites of information are as long as your imagination. much information no wonder they need a highway for it. LOL
Where and how does one sort it out? Not to minimize it by any, not at all. Quality of life in our culture is based on good health. Unfortunate for some that we figure that out later in life. Just think of how well we would be doing if at 14teen we knew that sugar would kill us or that at 12 that cigarettes would be the hardest thing to give up and then again the warning we heard about kissing and holding was not far from wrong...........some of us did get warts! LOL Ahh but to be young, smart and wise enough to know to listen to those that knew!!!!!

The other part of this title today is wellness! Now, to me wellness deals with the spiritual not the physical aspect of our lives. Yes, I know not a subject most want to get into. Wonder why? Again very sad that we missed that part when we were young. Balance what a novel idea?

Yes, balance from within as well as balance on the outside.
More to come............Lue 

OCTOBER, another month another place and even another blessed am I?  The past few weeks tucked away at Boston Bar,BC which is about 1.45 hours from Hope, which is not far from Vancouver, and about 4.5 hours from Kelowna.  Here we are in our new Canadian home, The Hurricane.......which you have seen pictures of if you are a regular here on the BLOG.   Parked in #7 in the Canyon Alpine RV Park  we are comfy and cozy and loven it!!!!  This time out from life has afforded me time to re energize and rejuvenate this tired body of mine.

The summer of 2012 with all of its memories of fun in the sun with you and me and the rest of them, well it has tired me out.  So, then here in the bush.....Yippe   Joey and I get up bright and early to get The Captain off to work for 6 am.  While he is planting hydro poles, maneuvering huge big machinery and sometimes "monkey wrench'n"  Joey is exploring the bush directly behind the RV and or sauntering over to the petting zoo next door, which really is just a farm for lost animals.  I, have had time to reorganize, regroup and recycle our things and do alot of thinkin' and praying.  Time is a blessing I know and I have lots of it!   Thank You GOD!!!!  and I will attempt to put to paper what I have been thinkin'.  

It is part of  who I am to ponder, thus the name of this Page. With some free time to sort my brain activity  something inside keeps telling me I must take the next step....write it down.  So, the exercise is to do just that. 

 As a follower of this blog you have some choices....of what pages you like to partake in and yes I say take part in cause that is what I am hoping you are doing.  This may or may not be your favourite "thing"so I am  giving you a heads up.  The next few posts will deal with some  topics you may or may not want to hear about.............then again you might want to say it yourself and have not been able to........which ever way it goes I am taking a step forward to express myself and in and through the exercise perhaps glean some insight! 

September is a fave of mine.... the change is subtle but oh so good to the touch........the senses alive with the crispness.   Love it!!!!  and yes,it is quiet here at this time of year..........a bitter sweetness to it all.  Miss the sounds of life and love of people basking in the spirit of the Bay......but do enjoy the time to exhale and realize that this too has passed into yet another month and another segment of my/our life.  One that is filled with adventure, newness and awareness that the world is but ours to reach out to......come reach with me/us as we prepare to begin our next chapter of sailing away.........

AUGUST, summer tyme is slipping away so quickly.  My time here at the resort has been full and truly enjoyable.  Incredible blessings as I make new friends and renew relationships of past summers.  Oh, so special to be part of all of your families and summer vacation.  Thanks for having me part of that......good and not so good,like the part where you have to say Adios until next year.  Bitter sweet it is but all part of what we call our life. 

Now, I look forward to time spent with my/our children and grand children come September 1-2. 

Life is full and oh so good. 

JULY 30, 2012
Summer is full of special events   CANADA is proud to be part of  the Queens Jubilee, the 2012 Olympics in London and Miss World 2012 ; my young friend TARA TENG, is in Ordos, China as our representative in the pageant....the world is at our feet!  Please go to her facebook page:
read and see the wonders of the country of China as they present the many women of the world who bring not only beauty but beauty with a purpose!  Please click "like" on Taras page as many times as you can to help her get to the the semi finals.  Do enjoy the many pictures and video clips there as well to see for yourself what an amazing young lady she is and what she stands for:  MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD- speaking for the voiceless!  Thanks and know that we can make a difference.  We as a race need to step up and take a risk, standing for what is right...............human equality and opportunity.  This is our world and we were promised abundance but somehow the stewardship of this beautiful world has gotten twisted!!!! 

Make a difference today...........speak up and/or help those who do!!!

JUNE 15-2012  the month of my birth, tis so!

Have spent the past few weeks reminiscing; enjoying the many many memories of the past few years.   Sixty-two years to date my little Spirit was brought into this world complete with my personality and gifting that The Good Lord created me with. 

Now as I do look back I am content and filled with peace.

  Years ago  I would have contemplated my many failures and shortcomings making notes and lists of how I would change "my faults"; I would lose ten pounds, I would try to eat slowly and only till I was full, I would really really try to listen more, I would not be so loud, I would accept everyone no matter what!!!!!!  You, know how the list would grow?  OH!  it was a brilliant plan.  (If the truth be told it was a very similar list as the one I made in the month of January as my New Years resolutions.  Upon looking back I worked on that list diligently and usually had  a great start out the gate  till the Blurry, days of March then I would sit and contemplate how miserably I was failing only to cry and wear myself out -- promise to do better and ease my pain by going shopping.

There were many chapters to this story and I pray there will be a few more as I hope to live to be at least 90!!!! Yes,  I think that is a great number don't you?  Relaxing this past while in the most beautiful spot that God has blessed me to be in-- KYE BAY--off and on nearly seven years if my calculations are right-- I am filled with a sense of contentment and peace!

I can now see where I came from:  looking back I can tell you of my journey so far and why I was put on this earth warts and all.  With the celebration of years behind me and ahead of me I hope to put to paper my story.   Been wanting to do that for some time now and I think 2012 is the right time.   Birthdays are great aren't they?   I love them!   I thank you all so much for being part of this special day of mine.....hey we all have them and they are what we make of them. 

This link below is one idea of how some ladies are making their birthdays worth and see what comes to your mind about yours?  Remember, birthdays are  the days since your birth accumulative and very precious.  What shall we do with ours this year?

Come back and visit the blog again soon and read the next chapter. 
Louise Marie Bedard Petri  born June 13, 1950  Spirit River, Alberta, Canada

Your pan is too small by John Fischer

I have John Fischer to thank for my entry today. It's an old joke about the family that cut the ends off the roast before cooking it the oven. This story hits especially close to home for me because a roast in the oven was a Sunday tradition in my childhood home. most Sundays after going to church, my mother would cook a roast. Dad would listen to his favourite music, I would do my home work and Angela would play and distract me. Back to the roast....... 

seems to me mom may have cut the ends of the roast off too. Who knows? Maybe it's an old french tradition. Well according to John, that bit about cutting off the ends of the roast was nothing more than the fact that grandma's pan was too small.

What about your belief? Is it big enough to hold everything that belongs in it? Think of your hopes and dreams. Think of your plans and expectations. Think of your love and your capacity to give. Think of even your concept and understanding of God. Are you cutting any of these short just because your belief is too small?

Jesus said our experience of life is only limited by our faith. If we have faith we can move mountains. If we have faith we can do greater things than he did when he was here. If we have faith, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

How about it? Are you cutting off the ends of your Sunday roast just because your pan is too small?

Get a bigger pan.  Get a bigger faith.
Believe big. LIVE BIG.  

 The Green Thing  Checking out at the store, the young
cashier suggested to me, that I should bring my own grocery bags:
plastic bags weren't good for the environment.
I  apologized and explained, I had forgotten my bag in the car and
in my defence reminded her "We didn't have this green
thing back in my earlier days."
The clerk responded, "That's our problem today. Your generation
did not care enough to save our environment for future generations."

I was speechless, which does not happen often for me, but you know
I am mellowing in my these my more mature days. LOL. On my ride home
I thought you know she was right -- our generation didn't have the green
thing in its day.

Back then, we returned milk bottles, soda bottles and beer bottles
to the store. The store sent them back to the plant to be washed and
sterilized and refilled, so it could use the same bottles over and
over. So they really were recycled. But we didn't have the green thing
back in our day.

Grocery stores bagged our groceries in brown paper bags, that we
reused for numerous things, most memorable besides household garbage
bags, was the use of brown paper bags as book covers for our school
books. This was to ensure that public property, (the books provided
for our use by the school) was not defaced by our scribbling. Then we
were able to personalize our books. But too bad we didn't do the green
thing back then.

We walked up stairs, because we didn't have an escalator in every
store and office building. We walked to the grocery store and didn't
climb into a 300-horsepower machine every time we had to go two
blocks. But she was right. We didn't have the green thing in our day.
Back then, we washed the baby's diapers because we didn't have the
throw-away kind. We dried clothes on a line, not in an energy gobbling
machine burning up 220 volts -- wind and solar power really did dry
our clothes back in our early days.

Kids got hand-me-down clothes from
their brothers or sisters, not always brand-new clothing.
 and looked forward  to having big brother or sisters favourite article!!
 But that young lady is right; we didn't have the green thing back in our day.

Back then, we had one TV, or radio, in the house -- not a TV in
every room. And the TV had a small screen the size of a handkerchief
(remember them?), not a screen the size of the state of Montana . In
the kitchen, we blended and stirred by hand because we didn't have
electric machines to do everything for us. When we packaged a fragile
item to send in the mail, we used wadded up old newspapers to cushion
it, not Styrofoam or plastic bubble wrap. Back then, we didn't fire up
an engine and burn gasoline just to cut the lawn. We used a push mower
that ran on human power. We exercised by working so we didn't need to
go to a health club to run on treadmills that operate on electricity.
But she's right; we didn't have the green thing back then.

We drank from a fountain when we were thirsty instead of using a
cup or a plastic bottle every time we had a drink of water. We
refilled writing pens with ink instead of buying a new pen, and we
replaced the razor blades in a razor instead of throwing away the
whole razor just because the blade got dull. But we didn't have the
green thing back then.

Back then, people took the streetcar or a bus and kids rode their
bikes to school or walked instead of turning their moms into a 24-hour
taxi service. We had one electrical outlet in a room, not an entire
bank of sockets to power a dozen appliances. And we didn't need a
computerized gadget to receive a signal beamed from satellites 2,000
miles out in space in order to find the nearest burger joint.

But isn't it sad… the current generation laments how wasteful we
old folks were just because we didn't have the green thing back then?

One last thought from an older person:  being good steward of our earth and implementing our old fashion way of life from way back then plus the green thing!!!  What a novel idea to recoup our earth  it is the only one we have--lets work together and learn from our mistakes and our history.  Lets do the Green Thing together.  Old and young!!!!

April 17.12 Arrived home safely and have settled in nicely.  It usually takes a few weeks at least to become accustomed to the weather, the pace of life and the reality of where we are! The days are filled with getting back on track and part of that is a visit to the doctor.  We are very healthy but like to keep up on our tests so that he, can recognize that or not?? On the agenda for me this fine day is a referral for an eye exam and a hormone panel.

What is a hormone panel, and do I need to get one done?

Several types of female hormone panels are available to choose from, depending upon a woman’s age, medical history, and symptoms. A comprehensive evaluation might include a thyroid assessment, adrenal testing, lipid profile, and analysis of your sex steroids, including total estrogen, progesterone, free testosterone, pregnenolone, and DHEA sulfate, among others.
We recommend getting a hormone panel done if you feel your hormones are out of balance. Symptoms of hormonal imbalance that you may notice include irregular or severe periods, PMS, fatigue, cravings for salt, caffeine or carbohydrates, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, feeling depressed or overwhelmed, insomnia, or any combination of these. If indeed your hormones are out of balance, you can work with your practitioner to find the best natural solution, and be sure to get regular hormone panels in follow-up to monitor your progress.

Let you know how it goes.   Lue, healthy at nearly 62!

MARCH 02-12  Today we spent most of the day at the site of the Copan Mayan Ruins, set in the fertile valley of the Copan River. Copan is the southern most of all the major Mayan sites and was the captial  to the Xukpi state which  began about 200 AD . By the 5th century it became  one of the most important Mayan cities. 
We met our guide in front of our hotel at 8am and walked for about fifteen minutes down the street and I mean down as it is very hilly here.  The day was incredible in that we were exposed to this magnificent archaeological site that is under the protect of UNESCO and is marked as a wonder of the world. 
As we walked and listened we heard the incredible history of the Mayan Empire and how it eventually crumbled.  My eyes took it all in and my mind reeled  realizing how connected we all are.  I felt the essense  a person, perhaps a women such as I who had once stood on this ground, had lived a life, heard the Macaws, and felt the breeze from the river on her imperial face.  The connection I felt was amazing!
This story is yet another chapter in mankind's history that we are all part of this that as we evolve the story continues and in that story a thread remains constant.........that the Mayans too, lived a life very much centered on spiritual and political influences.  We have so much in common and the sad part is that I saw our culture in theirs.....that unless we make some serious change yet another  empire  will crumble yet again.

The immense trees, and the massive structures reminded me of how great The Creator is!!!! I am so thankful that He hoveres over our earth and continues to pick up our pieces.

February 23, 20212  Walking along a side street in a small city in north El Salvador,  Suchitoto.
My feet  struggle with the cobble stone and my heart aches for the story that the aged war torn walls call out.   Grated windows, closed further with wooden interior shutters grace the  gated  doors that open into court yards that are the centre of  most residences. I steal a look as a gardener is sweeping; a water feature complete with ferns, and spilling blossoms of bird of paradise!  Urns and cement seats welcome the family as a rooster from down the street calls out the hour.  Msot of the buildings in the centre of town are larger with two story walls or rooms and from the roof top view of our hotel I saw that they all were joined-touching each other as if holding each other up.  The roofs are made of clay tiles,  that  beautiful Aztec burnt brown.  Some of these buildings  are now hotels, hostels and or  museums, all etched with stories to tell.

 The smaller homes on the outlying area of town that I find myself walking in this morning are smaller and usually only one storey.  Unlike the bright and or white painted larger homes, these are worn with time and struggle.  It is early still, nearly 7 and on a Sunday  morning those folks that are not already gone on the early bus to the big city or the local market-- are just beginning their day.  Continuing on my walk I continue to pray! 

So thankful for all that we have: we are so blessed with the past weeks in Costa RIca with our friends and the great time there.  We are so blessed with this incredible place that we live in for the winter, for our boat and all the provisions, for our health, for each other,  for our sense of humor--man do we need alot of that!!!!  We are thankful for our memories for our ability to look forward to what the next month the next year will bring and to have aspirations of that.  

This country is so beautiful.  It is warm, yeah it is and sometimes too darn warm, actually often it is too warm and I complain about that.  I know, I know you hate that part of this blog but you know everyone everywhere has things that are just not good enough or too good...............I long for a cool rest after a nice long run down the ski slope. So there I have said it --its my blog and I WILL  say what I want.  LOL  We are thankful for the technology that we are blessed with and the ability to chat with you when we can.  You just got to know how spacial this is to us.  So PLEASE turn on your skype and lets chat in February............the month of love!!!!
SUNDAY-JANUARY 8, 2012    Dios es Bueno!!!! Today is domingo, which means Sunday the first day to the week and we have just returned from a Spanish service at the Iglasie Biblia here in Atentas.  It was very uplifting to be with over 100 folks that did not speak English yet we worship our Father God for over an hour with music provided by a very funky modern six piece band.  An overhead projected music videos and lyrics of the songs and everyone was very very energetic in their worship.  Dancing and singing praises to Almighty God.....the first Sunday of the month the sermon is translated into English and Wednesday night there is an English service.  the Bible Study on Tuesday night is a decision of Revelations.......very timely I would say.  The congregation is mostly young people with a quarter of them being in their forties...and a very small percentage of older folks like us....those that are there are very alive and filled with The Spirit.........Thought for a minute as I closed my eyes to pray that I was in a Southern Baptist service. LOL  Loved it  and when someone said "Close your eyes" I knew the pastor was doing an alter call!!  Praise God .  The children were called to join the class room and a number of young people went to teach them.  Their was mention of "our ninoes being the future".   Once the sermon was begun we followed with the scripture verses that were posted on the screen and got a gist of the lesson for the day:

In Genesis the Bible states that God created us; He created us in His image.  We are also told through out the New Testament that we are His children, freed from slavery to our carnal self.  As His people we are be to be Lights to the  world and that as He watches over us -protect us - all we need do is Believe in HIM!!  The young pastor further  spoke of a new year and how we were doing with it.  That in reflection we know that the past year is done and that a new one is presented to us.....and as people of God...what will we  do with it?   We are reminded that with Jesus we can do anything! 

Part of the service included a collection of dollars to support the ministry of the church that obviously centered around children and young people.  The senior pastor spoke about giving from our hearts and that everyone give as they could.  Most importantly that this giving was between yourself and God.  (Two young ladies brought huge baskets to the front and everyone got up and put their offering in the basket, one by one walking up and back to their seat.)  After everyone was done their was a blessing time where everyone greeted each other with hugs, kisses and handshakes with many greetings of Feliz was very heart warming.

After two and bit hours everyone sang some quite songs and dispersed after a blessing from the senior pastor.  We were blessed this domingo day at this little church that was right across the street from a bar/restaurant.  Over we went to have brunch where we met a couple from Wisconsin that were new arrivals to the area..........both very American and very pleased to be here.  Here with their three pets and adventures in thier eyes.  yet another story to be told.

January 2, 2012
Another brand new year before us!  Wow! like my sister Irene said the other did the numbers get so big??  Remember when you were young and you thought you would never see the year_______!!!!  you put in the number depending on the age that you are and think back at what you thought.  I know when I was young I could not wait till I was older........even rushing the
  I will be 62 this June 2012 and am content with that and rather pleased with my state.   Not perfect mind you but content. My health continues to be blessed, my mind continues to be challenged, presently with a new language  Spanish, my body  enjoying this beautifully warm tropical air I am breathing and my soul continues to be well as I feel the peace that the season of Christmas renews within me.  All of these things I pray for you and trust and hope that all will be well with your soul this New Year. 

Many years ago it came to me that one must be balanced: body, mind and soul and ever since I have pursued this state.  Must admit that it has been a challenge but also an incredible adventure as I become more and more content with each step of advancement.  Listening, learning and leaning on The One I believe gave it all to me  I continue to be blessed!  Thank You Father God for yet another opportunity to be presented with newness in this year that is before me.  Thank You Jesus for being the best life coach ever I could have!!  With you I continue to be focused on the goal and know that with You I can do anything...........Thank You Holy Spirit for Your guidance and breath that hovers over me and all of the world.  My prayer is to be the best that I can be --the best that You, The Creator of the all made me to be. AMEN  and Feliz Anos 2012!!!!!!

NOVEMBER 19,2011

For more information: 

This pictures is of my dear young friends,

Tara Teng, Miss Canada 2011 and her younger sister, Jessica and brother Braden,  all who we have watched grow up.  We first met them in Powell River - their dad Terry was our Pastor and their mom, brought me to The Lord.  They are a dear family and amazing folks!!!!!!  As you know, I have mentioned Tara and her work towards abolishing slavery in Canada and across the world.  This past month, my friend Roz and I were sitting at the pool here at Bahia del Sol and I began to talk with a group of young women that were also staying at the thing led to another and they told us that they were here at a conference and would we like to join them later that day for a presentation. 

Being as they were all walking around (250 of them)  with Hawaiian Leis and some ho la skirts we thought they were a dancing troupe.   As each group registered they were greeted by a drum core and at one point in the afternoon, there  was  a session of dancing............I have to admit I did join one of them and had a hoot. 

 Later that afternoon, we walked over to the designated hall in anticipation of an entertaining session.  As we opened the doors, we were greeted by all of these women, smiling and apparently so thrilled that we had joined them for a very important session........this was not all about dancing.  One after another various young women came to us in attempt to get us to sit up front.  We politely declined and attempted to stay low profile.   Finally, the young man from reception came and sought us out to explain that this was  a conference for El Salvadorian Women.  The main thrust of the conference was to educate the EL Salvadorian women of their rights. Each group represented a portion of the country: one from the coffee plantations, one from the pineapple farm, one from the sea and so on.  And here we were  in the middle of a celebration of their lives!!!!   They invited us to come up front to introduce ourselves and to tell them that "all was well with us".

Honestly both Roz and I were overwhelmed by the energy in the room and questioned why the would want us here.  We soon realized  the joy we were gifting these women with by our encouragement.  In my broken Spanish I  told them how proud I was of them!!!  and Roz  told them that she loved their country and wanted them to know that they were great!!!  

Such a simple act yet, they were empowered by two women that they saw as free  that somehow we were successful.   Hmmm...... not sure how they came up with that but I do know that they equate North America with success.  This is the second time I have been faced with a large number of Central American women in a room and have been personally impacted--the first time was at the coffee plantation last spring in Northern El Salvador.  It caused me to ponder.......what is success?  In Central America  working class women live a hard life.  They have very little but what they have they are so proud of:  content with little they give alot sucess is not necessarily what you think it is.  It does not always provide you with liberty.  Just a few thoughts,  from me, Louise Marie.


The Captain and I            are begining to think suitcases, flight plans and somewhat warmer weather. Yes, soon time for us to migrate south like the birds will be upon us.  LOL   Tentatively, the first week of November is take off date.   It has gone quickly and our time here and points inland and about  this season has been great.  Busy that is for sure but nonetheless full of turkey and aspirations of the sea and touring El Salvador and Gutamala we have a question for you???

Everyone has so much information coming and going through email, texting, twitters and blogs that we need some feed back from you.  If you are still interested in hearing from us and "following" us please let us know other wise your name will be removed from our list in honor of your privacy and respect of your time.

Just lets us know and no questions asked..........voila you will no longer be on our mailing list.  Too easy dont you think?

Lue and Claes on our way soon to The White Shell

August 2, 2011
Even though I have been busy this summer, I have found myself with alot of time to think.  Now this could be a good thing--or not!!!  The exercise is to think of positive thoughts, you know thoughts that result in progressive upbeat action. thoughts that will build up..........not negative downer stuff that will tear down.  (and certainly not things that one worries about as their is no benefit to churning that around and around!)

 Not to say that I have mastered that ...yet but I am working at it.  We all agree life is not all easy as one only has only to look around, watch tv and or surf the net and ugly unfriendly and in human stuff abounds.  I have found that the more black stuff you feed your brain the blacker your thoughts the blacker your the practice as I said is to feed the brain bright and upbeat thoughts.  
                             How pray tell does one do that in our culture??  Any ideas?

The busyness of it all is a stickler though.  One day goes into the next at the list never seems to diminish   My inbox is always full.  The laundry is continuous and so are the dust balls.   I did read this the other day and it really stuck:

"Busyness is a chronic symptom of this decade, which people confuse with significance." Anita 

My young friend Tara Teng is sure busy these days.  Remember She is this years Miss Canada and has traveled to China and back and now across the country.     check this link out for details. She is not only beautiful but amazing in her quest to change the attitude of our country and the world in regard to human slavery.  She has taken a "dark" subject and brought it to light and perhaps if we all help her and her team we can through our up building thoughts and actions make a difference in the big picture.            What say you????  

JULY 20, 2011 

I'm betting you won't guess WHAT this commercial is about? Voted the BEST commercial ever! Totally made my day.

JULY 19, 2011  Been thinking lately.......hmmm lots of time to do that with My Captain away. (Sure do miss him............. absence does make the heart grow lonely. LOL  He is home this week and will be doing what it is that he feels needs doing: WORKING to fill the cruising account.  I good cause to be sure and part of the equation of this Cruising Life that we have chosen and so do enjoy.   Yes, another reminder for us all to live everyday as it were our last; not to say that we should be frivolous but rather ready.  And that is the question isn't it?  What is ready?

I have a dear friend who put it well:  live today today.  Whatever it is that is in front of you today do it the best that you can.  Enjoy it- learn- from it and share it with someone else if you can. No matter what it is  you will find some joy in it and before you know the day has been worth while and you feel like you are part of something...................worth while yourself.  It is remarkable really how this works.

Been reading The Big Book as much as I can this summer.  Doing so always reminds me that there is a guide book to this that has been around for a loooooooooooooooong time and seems to still be relative
 The one principal that continues to come up is that one about your know 'LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF"...............hmm   how much do you love yourself?

Just thinkin!!!!

JUNE 13, 2011  The day I celebrate the begining of my Sixty-first (61st) year on this beautiful earth!!!!  

"The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions - the little soon forgotten charities of a kiss, a smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment in the disguise of a playful raillery, and the countless other infinitesimals of pleasurable thought and genial feeling." 
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
1772-1834, Poet and Philosopher

Todays Chuckle comes from my sister, Irene in Red Deer, Alberta.....thanks for this is too funny!!! The good sister reminds me of one of my teachers when I was going to Immaculata High in Kelowna --Sister Charlotte was her name....have a great day and dont forget to laugh

An old nun
who was living in a convent next to a construction site
noticed the coarse language of the workers
and decided to spend some time with them to correct their ways.
She decided she would take her lunch,
sit with the workers
and talk with them.
She put her sandwich in a brown bag
walked over to the spot where the men were eating.
She walked up to the group and with a big smile said:
"and do you men know Jesus 

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness . 
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people .
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry . 
For beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day .
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone . 
People, even more than things , have to be restored , renewed , revived ,  reclaimed , and redeemed , never throw out anyone .
Remember, if you ever need a helping hand , you will find one at the end of each of your arms .
As you  grow older , you will discover that you have two hands , one for helping yourself , and the other for helping others .


  Comox Valley Pregnancy Care Centre’s FIRST ANNUAL “LAKE RUN”
Ø      Fun Run or Walk – 5K or 10K
Ø      12:00pm, May 23rd, 2011.
Ø      At Empire Days in Cumberland
Ø      $10 Entrance Fee
Ø      There is a prize of an iPod touch for the runner with the most sponsored donations
Ø      Proceeds will go to the Comox Valley Pregnancy Care Centre and the Moms & Tots group at the Cumberland Recreation Centre

EMAIL OR CALL US AT   250-339-6112

APRIL 25TH, 2011


PLEASE click on the following link and see what our young friend,  MISS CANADA, MISS BC, Ms Tara Teng and her young friends are doing to make a change!!!!  Truly inspirational truly amazing truly important!!!!

MARCH  21 2011
OUR SECOND SEASON AS SAILORS comes to rest in El Salvador!  Such a beautiful peaceful part of  Central America we have come to.  This lagoon is very difficult to enter as it is protected  by a sand bar that one needs to be knowledgeable of and preferably guided in by jet ski!!!!  
As I look back over the months that have lead to this time, it is very apparent that we have been guided here!  Many hours were spent planning and researching,  many conversations shared with fellow cruisers as to the how and why and when.  The Captain and I have spent much time sharing our thoughts and some time concerns about what might lay ahead....though there were many questions we gathered the resources necessary ..........the blessing has been that we have-- together then offered it up to Our God and trusted Him to get us where He wanted us to be.

Voila He has brought us safely to El Salvador!!!!!  Thank You Dios!!!!!

FEBRUARY 2011  The month of love! 
One of my many loves at sea is the Phosphorescence of the Sea:
  • a phenomenon observed at night as a result of the bio luminescence of organisms in the surface layers of the sea. The luminescence of these organisms is stimulated by mechanical irritation, such as movement of the waters at current intersections, the action of waves or the wake of a ship, or the collisions of the organisms with each other, or it may arise as a reaction to a flash of light produced by nearby organisms.
I get to experience that when I am on night watch, which I  have grown to also love. What was a very real fear 24 months ago is now part of a passage that I look forward to.  Where I could barely stay awake for an hour and a half I recently did 4.5.
ON NIGHT WATCH:  time is your own : the stars, the moon if she is out brilliant and guiding your way, the musical  sound of the waves merges with the  swell  behind you as they work  together push you along. Have not been able to identify the night birds that gracefully but quickly cross the beam of light that shines from the mast light; casting  a shadow across my line of vision they peacefully  remind me of the dove that was sent out from the ark.  Fear  just dissipates as I recognize yet another  gentle reminders of Gods presence.

I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU!! God says as He sends another pod of dolphins to entertain me as they swim around and in front of the bow of the boat, shining in the phosphorescence of the night waters. As creations presents all of this --I feel the quiet and peace of the night and have truly learned to trust and  love it.

  Oh, it is not always quiet - there are shrimper boats that pull in their nets in the dark of the night and  wait again and again for their nets to be full, also the smaller panga boats that dont often have lights on or any at all are a little of a concern but ask that you pay attention............then sometimes they have buoy lite up on the end of their nets that are a tad confusing.   Depending on the area we do have the pleasure to watch the Cruiser ships all lite up as they do their night passages from Panama north to Acapulco   and other points north and sometime south.   The huge big freighters go by quickly when they are out there and of course are so big that you cant miss them.  (Besides the radar is always on to warn and help.)

The past few months  saw us doing a few long  passages and now we are quiet comfortable with them.
Putting the fear in prospective -- surrounding it with the reality of  commonsense, information, available technology, repetition  and the assurance  that "Thus far, God has taken care of us" we can enjoy rather fear.
Change is good!

Any suggestions as to what the Title Page should be called? Clicking on this TAB you will be able to share my place where I can write and share freely. We have many different people following our blog and the intention is not to offend anyone, thus a separate page offering every one the choice of checking it out rather than not.

Living on board The White Shell is an incredible experience one that many envy and others wonder??????? are they/she crazy? Well perhaps there was question of that before the boat left the Comox harbor in August 2009?? My being needs some outlet for my inner thoughts. Now The Captain and I are good pals, yes, we are best of friends have been for over 35 years now. For those of you who know him, he is a quiet gentle soul; blessed with many other great attributes he is an amazing person. He has taught me many many things and one of them is that "someone has to listen" and that one does not always need to talk. Well that is easier said then done for a person who has been gifted with speech. Yes, I truly believe that I have been blessed with WORDS. (I will expand on that later!) Subsequently, my intention is to use this spot on my blog to write some those words. Now whether anyone reads these that is fine too as initially my musings are my way of dealing with my emotions and my questions through words.

As a New Year begins so does this PAGE
NEW YEAR Resolutions...hmmm... my thoughts are if you need or want to change any part of your life then JUST DO IT! no matter the date--it is not necessary for that action to be on January 1st at 08:00 hours!!! Yikes...that is way too scary and besides how long does the resolution last? a day a week and if you are lucky a month? That is not to say that in order to be successful with change one does not need to plan because that is one of the secrets.

During my life of sixty years I have found it necessary numerous times to change my actions, my thoughts, my choices, my attitude. (That is something that is continual.) The starting date was important but the duration of the change was very important. But I am getting ahead of myself.


Now, I will leave this thought to soak for a day or two and I WILL BE BACK!!!!