Friday, January 31, 2014


The past few months have been complete with lots of sunshine, beaches, and scheduled boat chores focusing on the next leg of our journey: ECUADOR.
In the morning we will set off to begin that next leg of our adventure.  My goal is to spend time writing and catching you all up on the past few months and the account of the passage ahead of us. It is 653 nautical miles so can take up to a week ten days and as as little as we are praying for the best North winds, and the following current to take us right down 080'* North to about 03.* South and enter the estuary to moor age Bahia De Caracqas.   Please feel free to google it and see where will  spend the next few months.  The intention is to travel inland and begin our exploration of South the meantime gotta go to bed as The Captain want to "weigh"anchor very early and be away by sunrise.
Please keep us in your prayers............not to worry as we are in His care.

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  1. Have fun crossing the equator, Charles