Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Brand new Year brand new Plan!!!

We are reminded once again how quickly time goes by.  Last year at this time The Captain and I were in different locations; he in Costa Rica battling boat issues and I reconnecting with winter.   

2016 was filled with many blessings:  we reconnected in March and began a normal Canadian life.   Whatever normal is hey?   The months went by as we worked and raebuilt our "land" home here in Courtenay,   Reconnecting with our faith - family and friends we found pleasure in the simple things.

So much fun....camping and  working in the garden the seasons blosomed and faded and November came and went with lots of rain.  With both Claes and I returning to work  we were busy.
December was so special as we experienced the beginning of our Canadian winter and family traditions of the holiday season.   As we celebrated Our Lords Birthday at Christmas we recalled many of you as memories flooded in.........from times with our young family to being empty nesters to the years of travel and adventure it has always been one of our favourite times of year!
 Not to be surpassed 2016 blessed us with two new in Costa Rica and one in British Columbia.

Looking forward to a New Year is always exciting and 2017 promises to be the next chapter of adventure as we hope to travel NORTH!   Please stay in touch and know that we will forward all new links and information as they become available.

May the New Year be filled with LOVE PEACE and JOY through the Spirit of The God who loves us all!!!!  Jesus Christ the King!!!

See you up the road!

Friday, April 8, 2016


Here we are this fine April day posting from our beautiful Comox Valley Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada.  The winter was mild for all of us with Claes and I returning to The Whiteshell  in the beginning of November.  She fared well at Tobaga Island Mooring Panama.  The Captain and I were keen and able to get her out of "bed" so to speak and underway to the Big City in record time.  The past ten years have taught us much and we were rewarded greatly by leaving her nice and tidy in the first place.

It was a bitter sweet time as our decision for the season was that together we would prepare  Her for her return voyage to Mexico but I would not be sailing this season!  Toughest decision I ever had to make!!!  The reality of it never hit until I bid My Captain and his crew farewell and I flew to Cost Rica and onwards to Mesa Arizona to celebrate Christmas with my siblings.

The Captain finally made it to Puerto Maderia Chipas Mexico where he hauled The Whiteshell out.  She is presently on the hard drying her bottom out and waiting for some paint!  

We are both back in Courtenay reevaluating our next chapter .... Please stay posted!

Please note: having trouble with pictures and will correct as soon as I can!

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Just checked the site and all seems to be working well!  Please stay tuned as I earnestly try to keep you posted this season!!!!